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Bintulu Digi Store Express

Second Bintulu Digi Store Express opens

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today announces the opening of its second Bintulu Digi Store Express (DSE).

The store is Digi’s latest commitment to enhance in-store engagement and overall experience of Digi customers.

According to a press statement sent to us, the Digi Store Express represents Digi’s new retail concept that reflects customer’s expectations for better service experience while offering greater accessibility and convenience.

To go to the Bintulu Digi Store Express, head on to the Ground floor of Block 31, Bintulu Central, Jalan Kidurong, 97000 Sarawak.

The Digi Store Express can also be reached by mobile phone at +60168796274.

For more details on the Digi Store Express, as well as to find other Digi Store Express, visit