The Samsung - Apple Advert
The Samsung - Apple Advert

Samsung just ‘burned’ Apple to dust with this video

The war between smartphones is intense, and it’s getting more intense when you pit Android vs iOS.

Everyone knows that Android users aren’t a fan of Apple smartphones simply because Apple tends to ‘over-state’ on their so called ‘latest functions’.

Problem is, except for blogs and tech sites, no other phone manufacturer, until today did anything to address how ‘lagging behind’ Apple’s iPhone are in terms of smartphone technology head on, well, until Samsung came out with the advert below.

War has just begun in the US my friends, and that advert was Samsung firing arsenal at Apple with a direct hit on Apple’s iPhone.

I’m just guessing here, but I think this has everything to do with Apple suing Samsung over patterns.

Regardless, I just loved what Samsung did right there. What do you think?