The MiA1 is Xiaomi's first AndroidOne smartphone
The MiA1 is Xiaomi's first AndroidOne smartphone

Android One available for Redmi Note 4 & Redmi Note 4X

A couple weeks ago, I gave you a review of the Xiaomi Mi A1 phone which came under the Android One program.

Apparently, there’s efforts to bring the awesomeness of Android One to other Xiaomi phones, with the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 4X named as two devices now able to run the pure Android ROM produced by Google.

According to GSM Arena, the Android One ROM comes courtesy of XDA Developers’ senior member GLokin666, but they also warned that the ROM is nowhere near stable at the moment.

Issues such as non-functional fingerprint scanners, infrared blasters, and crashing camera apps have been identified as major issues so far.

However, if the geek in you wants to give it a try, you can follow the thread of the development for the Redmi Note 4 Android One here, and the thread for the development of the Redmi Note 4X here.

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