vivo’s Blue Technology breaks ground

vivo says it has reached revolutionary milestones in both sales and technological innovation by introducing vivo’s remarkable technology brand, “Blue Technology,”.

vivo’s Blue Technology brings advancements like the blue crystal chip technology stack, blue ocean battery life system, blue heart large model, and blue river operating system, setting the stage for future smartphone innovations.

According to the company in a press release, the launch of the vivo S18 series, boasting AI blue heart large models, has propelled vivo to new success, surpassing first-day sales volume expectations.

Not only that, vivo’s success with the vivo X100 series, selling 7.4 times more than its predecessor, showcases its exceptional recognition in the market.

Beyond products, initiatives like the mobile photography competition and barrier-free functions like “vivo Seeing” and “vivo Reading Music” portrays vivo’s dedication to creating technology for good and enhancing social value.

These commitments position vivo as a leader in innovation and user-centric solutions.

With this persistent commitment, vivo continues to strive for excellence in its technology, positioning itself at the forefront of innovation. vivo said it is poised to lead the way into a new era of mobile technology, promising to deliver its best to meet the evolving needs of users.