vivo Y100 5G set to be debut this 28 February

The much-anticipated vivo Y100 5G is set to debut on Wednesday, February 28th.

According to vivo Malaysia, the Y100 debut will be accompanied by the tagline “That’s Y 100 Fun” emphasizing a sense of excitement, fun, and satisfaction to it.

The phone introduces a sleek and stylish design, and features a unique leather finish in a dazzling purple hue.

vivo Malaysia has already made it known previously that it is collaborating fashion brands incorporating the vivo Y100 5G, launching a must-have fashion accessory for the younger generation.

In terms of specs, the vivo Y100 5G is equipped with a 120Hz AMOLED display and an innovative 300% 3D dual-lift feature, ensuring an extraordinary user experience that goes beyond the typical smartphone offerings.

Additionally, it features an advanced 80W flashcharge capability paired with a reliable 5000 mAh battery, providing consumers with a worry-free and seamless usage experience.

More details on the vivo Y100 5G debut will be released once we get it here in PhoneSentral.