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Malaysia telco 5G RAHMAH package and plans

Malaysia telco recently have unveiled their respective 5G RAHMAH package and plans, offering the B40 group a lot of data, with lower pricing.

The plans and packages aim to bring 5G access to every Malaysian, while offering a 5G Device and 100GB of data for just RM35 per month.

Officially launched by Yang Berhormat Tuan Fahmi Fadzil, Communications and Digital Minister of Malaysia, each telco’s has their respective Malaysia telco Rahmah plans which can be seen below.

The plans are offered from 31 August until 31 December 2023.

CelcomDigi RAHMAH package and plans

CelcomDigi is offering their RAHMAH plans at RM60/month.

Users can choose between two smartphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and Honor 90 Lite 5G for their RAHMAH package.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G will be sold at RM119 (RRP: RM949) while the Honor 90 Lite 5G will be available at RM239 (RRP: RM1,099).

Both devices come with a 24-month device warranty, ensuring customers a peace
of mind throughout the package contract period.

Additionally, customers within the B40 group will be able to enjoy a special RM120 rebate on the devices offered.

Maxis RAHMAH plans

Maxis has not announced their 5G RAHMAH package and plans just yet.

Umobile RAHMAH plans

Umobile RAHMAH mobile plan is priced at RM58/month with a generous of 200GB of 5G data being offered.

Like CelcomDigi’s offer, you can choose between either the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphone, or the HONOR 90 Lite 5G.

As usual, the offer bounds you to a 24-month contract with the first 100,000 customers from the B40 group nationwide, eligible for a subsidy of RM120 on the price of the 5G devices.

Unifi RAHMAH plan

For Unifi, they are only offering the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G under the plan.

Based on my understanding, the RAHMAH plan is priced at RM60/month, with the first 100,000 from the B40 group eligible to get a one time rebate of RM120 from the company upon signing up for the plan.

Yes RAHMAH plans

Yes has two RAHMAH plans offered, namely the Yes Power 35 RAHMAH and the the Yes
Infinite Basic RAHMAH Plan. Details of each plan is seen below.

  1. Yes Power 35 RAHMAH
    • RM35/month
    • 100GB of 5G+4G mobile data, with unlimited calls
    • It comes with a ZTE Blade A73 or a Vivo Y55+ 5G phone at RM240, or RM120 for the first 100,000 B40 citizens.
    • The Yes Power 35 RAHMAH plan will be offered to all Malaysians as a two-year contract, with a two-year warranty for the device.
  2. Yes Infinite Basic RAHMAH Plan
    • RM58/month
    • uncapped 5G+4G data, 20GB mobile hotspot and unlimited calls.
    • Has a 24-month contract
    • Users have a variety of 5G phones to choose from featuring brands like Samsung, Honor, OPPO, Redmi, Vivo and ZTE.

Buy smartphones offered with 5G RAHMAH package and plans

If you do not want to sign up for any of the 5G RAHMAH plans above, you can get the smartphones directly from online stores.