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More internet and vouchers with Digi’s Juara Internet 2022

It’s not even 2022, but Digi is already kicking off their 2022 promo by introducing their Juara Internet 2022.

During this promotion, which happens in the Month of December 2021, customer of Digi will enjoy special benefits in terms of lower internet pricing for internet, devices and more.

What’s in store in Juara Internet 2022

For Digi Prepaid customer, they are entitled for extra free Internet and e-vouchers worth up to RM69 if they commit upfront to 3 months of NEXT 35 at RM105.  In return, they stand to enjoy unlimited calls and get a return value worth RM189 which includes extra 15GB of Internet, a RM20 Petrol voucher and an RM49 Shopee voucher to get savings on the Aukey TWS Earbuds (EP-M1).

Additionally, those who sign up for the NEXT35 or NEXT45 30-day plans will also get the RM49 Shopee voucher for the Aukey TWS Earbuds (EP-M1).

Digi Postpaid users on the other hand stand to enjoy more offers.

Those who sign up for Digi Postpaid 60 and above will receive extra Internet quota of 10GB per month when they opt for a 12-month Internet contract add-on.

Smartphones are also offered at cheaper prices with their Pakej PowerJimat, in which selected smartphones enjoy up to RM500 rebate.  This plan also comes 30GB high-speed, all-access Internet and is bundled with the Digi Postpaid 60 plan and a 12-month contract.

New customers who port-in to the Pakej PowerJimat also enjoy zero plan advance payment.

For those opting for the PhoneFreedom 365 which offers the latest flagship 4G and 5G smartphones, they stand to enjoy cheaper prices on flagship smartphones as well while the GadgetFreedom Plus plan allows customers to purchase devices outright from the Digi Store on Shopee Mall without any contract or monthly re-payment commitments.

The new GadgetFreedom Plus will enable customers to save up to 20% (capped at RM100) on devices compared to the recommended retail price (RRP).

To enjoy the discounts, eligible customers can download GadgetFreedom Plus discount vouchers from the MyDigi app monthly.

Digi is also offering great savings on Fibre for Postpaid customers with customers able to enjoy 300Mbps of ultra-fast unlimited Digi Fibre from only RM100 per month for their home connectivity needs when they pair it with qualifying Digi Postpaid plans.

Last but not least Digi’s Juara Internet 2022 also allows with Digi Broadband to enjoy extra internet for Broadband 65 and above.

The promo sees customers able to get an extra 10GB per month for 12 months on top of the allocated Internet quota.

Customers who opt for a 12-month contract on these plans can choose to get either (i) FREE extra Internet of up to 50GB a month OR (ii) a FREE 4G LTE Mobifi router.

The plan for me

Digi is no doubt improving their offerings and service lately, so their offers above are very tempting.

The pairing between the Digi Fibre and the postpaid line is most tempting in my opinion as you get to save and only pay once.

Anyway, if you want to enjoy the Juara Internet 2022 deals, walk into Digi Service Centre, of just visit their booths below.

  • Queensbay Mall, Penang (2 to 5 December 2021)
  • IMAGO Shopping Mall, Sabah (16 to 19 December 2021)
  • Vivacity Megamall, Sarawak (24 to 26 December 2021)

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