Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar review

The Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar is one of the cheapest soundbar from Vinnfier and this review is possible after I got mine by claiming about 98,000 credit card points.

I am not sure when it was released, but as the release of this post, I can’t seem to find the VF hyperbar 1000 in the international Vinnfier website anymore although it is still promoted in the Malaysian official website.

I think they are clearing the model off shelves, but you can still get it in local markets in Malaysia at a discount.

Anyway, this review is broken in a few sections as seen below. Feel free to directly click on the bullets below to read sepcific topics.


Specs: W796 x D88 x H72 mm, 1.5kg

I have no complaints about the design of the Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar. I think it looks pretty decent and and the VF logo in the centre also looks neat.

The front of the soundbar is pretty clean and it looks at home no matter where you place it.

The LED indicator, which is in red, in front of the soundbar, is a bit annoying but it does what it is supposed to do, which is to indicate what mode or connection I am using.

In terms of weight, it is a bit light at 1.5kg. This makes moving it pretty easy, and also it also serves to benefit if you were to hang it on the wall as well.

Cabbles connecting the soundbar are located behind the unit, and the manual controls are located on the right side of the soundbar. This directly means the soundbar looks very clean from the front, something I personally like.

Aside from the power cable, the soundbar comes inclusive of a HDMI cable, audio cable and remote control.

Control & Connectivity

Specs: Connectivity by HDMI (ARC), Optical input, USB, AUX

Because the manual controls are on the side, it is rather difficult to control the soundbar options manually.

This is where the remote comes in. Generally, switching connectivity between devices is easy and I do get an immediate response when I choose to switch modes as well.

Connecting the soundbar to other devices using Bluetooth is also easy and does not take much effort.

Connecting the soundbar via AUX, USB, optical Input and HDMI (ARC) required me to plug in the cables from the rear. Making such connections were easy and audio came out of the soundbar instantly once it is selected as the main speakers for a particular device.

However, I should note that when I was connecting the soundbar to my TV via HDMI (ARC), I had to always choose the soundbar as my speaker option, or I would not get audio out. I’m not sure if it is the TV setting, but having to select my speaker option every time I wanted sound was quite annoying.

Such issue didn’t happen when I connected the soundbar with my computer via Bluetooth or AUX In, so maybe it’s my TV and not the soundbar.

In addition, the remote also allowed me to easily adjust the treble and bass produced which was a function quite neat to have.

Sound quality

Specs: 2 x 50W 2″ speakers, 200Hz – 20KHz

The 100W collective speaker audio is adequate to enjoy movies. At 100W, it is loud but the sound is rather ‘collective’ which means there’s no Dolby Surround Sound or anything similar. Placing it at the back of where you are seated might however help make it sound better.

There’s 5 pre-set equalizers to choose from, but there’s little information on what these equalizers specifically do, so I was left choosing one based on how they sound.

Eventually, I felt my custom equalizer was the best option but there are times audio seemed to crack slightly when I put everything in full volume.

I also felt the sound was rather ‘loose’ with audio seemingly less sharp than I like it.

Price and where to buy

At writing time, the Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar is priced at RM199.

My checks on Shopee, Lazada and Tiktok show that the soundbar starts from RM189 to RM229 with special vouchers of course lowering its pricing.

Compared to rivals, it is one of the cheaper soundbars out there, and the links to buy are seen below.

Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar review conclusion

Generally, I think the Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar is an average soundbar which would prove perfect for those wanting a soundbar that doesn’t break the bank.

The sound it produce is loud enough, but do not expect high quality precise audio as this is a definate case of you get what you paid for.

In terms of style and design, I do like its length, weight and size, but it does spot a general soundbar look which makes it overall quite average to be honest.

That said, the Vinnfier VF hyperbar 1000 soundbar is no match for more expensive ones out there, but it does serve its purpose which is to provide loud sound through a soundbar.

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