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Understanding smartphone naming

There’s hundreds if not thousands of smartphones released each year, and it has become harder in understanding smartphone naming by companies.

Companises like Samsung create a huge range of smartphone series with letters and numbers added to their line-up while others, like Apple, make things simple to understand.

This article is therefore aimed ad giving smartphone users an idea of how smartphones are named and which category they blend in to.

I believe this will help consumers and users understand which smartphone fits them, hence discouraging mistakes in buying a smartphone.

Before you proceed by understanding smartphone naming, the list here can be inaccurate as this list is made based on observation and details I’ve sourced from the internet, so do correct me if there is any mistakes.

That said, this post will be refreshed accordingly when newer updates are available.

How Apple names thier smartphone

Apple only releases one smartphone series a year and that makes things less complicated. Every series comes with its own variant which is clearly distinguishable by the features and sizes it has. For example, the Apple iPhone mini is small, while the iPhone Pro Max is the biggest and ture flagship of the model.


How HTC names their smartphones

HTC maybe a rather forgotten brand these days but they are still making smartphones. They have a very simple and strightforward naming way as you can see below.

  • Desire series – The mid-range lineup with average specifications, average camera, and average build quality.
  • U/10/One series – The flagship lineup from HTC with the best hardware crammed into their phone.


How OPPO names their smartphones

OPPO has a long list of smartphone series under its belt.  This makes its rather confusing to distinguish each phone, but we are here to help. Here’s what OPPO smartphone series means

  • OPPO F series – Geared towards taking powerful selfies.
  • OPPO A series – Entry level smartphones, usually smartphones for those price sensitive
  • OPPO Find series – The cream of OPPO smartphones, with the best specs you can expect.
  • OPPO N series – Used to be OPPO’s flagship series with the best specs the company can offer in addition to new tech.
  • OPPO K series – The K series focus on gaming which means bigger RAM, high refresh rate screens and faster proccessors.
  • OPPO Reno & R series – Smartphones under the R or Reno series focus on photography.


How POCO names their smartphones

POCO used to be a sub-brand undr Xiaomi but was given independence to be it’s own brand in 2020. There’s four main series by POCO, the F series, M Series, X series and C series. It is understood that the series reflects the Android and MIUI update policy as follows.

  • F series: 2 Android, 4 MIUI updates
  • X series:2 Android, 4 MIUI updates
  • M series: 1 Android, 3 MIUI updates
  • C series: 1 Android, 2 MIUI updates


How Samsung names their smartphones

Samsung has one of the biggest smartphone series options in the world and their naming can be confusing to many. However, if you look closely, there’s 5 alphabets used by Samsung and they are S, R, W, M and Y.  Here’s what the alphabets mean:

  • Z series: This is the latest Samsung series which feature foldable smartphones.
  • S series: Smartphones here are the very pinnacle of Samsung’s mobile portfolio-the “best in the class.”
  • C series: The mid-range series with a focus on performance and specifications.
  • A series: The mid-range series with premium build quality. The phones have decent internals and are made of a glass-metal combo.
  • J series: The entry to mid-level smartphone series. These phones are focussed on providing value for money smartphones with average specifications. The prime phones in this range are mid-life updates with regards to performance and software.


How vivo names thier smartphone

In general, vivo has four series, namely the NEX-series, X-series, V-series and Y-series. Here’s what I could gather on the four series which vivo offers.

  • NEX-Series – Best technical specifications and features with at least one unique innovation developed by Vivo Mobile
  • X-Series – Also known as X-Play, this series is the flagship-level line of Vivo Mobile boasting the best internal hardware, imaging capabilities, display quality, and privacy features.
  • V-Series – Crafted to deliver “Perfect Selfies”, V-Series smartphones are often positioned in the upper midrange price bracket.
  • Y-Series – Made for budget-conscious consumers who want to get the best value for their money. Smartphones here are entry-level to lower midrange categories.


How Xiaomi names their smartphone

Xiaomi used to have POCO, Redmi and Mi to their line-up but in 2020, the company decided to release POCO as an independent brand, while resturcturing its branding names to just Xiaomi and Redmi in 2021. Below I’ve noted what differs between the Xiaomi series and the Redmi series.

  • Xiaomi products therefore represent the pinnacle of technology and offer a premium experience.
  • Redmi products bring big innovation at a more accessible price point and are aimed at younger audience.