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Spotify played on a Samsung device

Video streaming coming to Spotify app?

Popular music streaming app, Spotify might allow users to stream videos on their platform soon.

If you feel this seems familiar, well, it’s already enabled on Youtube Music.

Jane Wong and shared on Twitter that apparently Spotify seems to be planning a tabbed interface for the “Now Playing” screen.. This tab will enable different options for what content is shown on that screen.

Aside from including the typical album art, these tabs would also have “Canvas,” and an entirely new video section.

“Canvas” currently shows a brief video clip in place of album art, sort of like repeated gif images.

The new video tab however is assumed show full music videos within the Spotify app.

Personally, I am not fond of having video integration in my Spotify app because I believe it will come at the cost of more data being used.

However, if data isn’t something to be concerned about, it would be rather cool.