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Complete Google Pixel 4a rumors

Complete Google Pixel 4a rumors

This complete Google Pixel 4a rumors will be updated when new rumors of the smartphone get updated.

Anticipated as the successor of the Google Pixel 3a, the latest flagship of Google smartphones missed it’s usual debut thanks to the Covid-19.

A new date for the phone has been rumored to surface, but let’s get through what’s buzzing about the Google Pixel 4a in the internet first.


Every Pixel phone released by Google comes in two variation, namely the regular Pixel and the XL model.  I don’t see this being any different this time around with the XL having the bigger screen than the regular variant.

However, reports in January 2020 suggest that Google will only produce the Pixel 4a without any extra variant.

This was further cemented with renders by OnLeaks of the smartphone which came in a single device.  Renders by OnLeaks tend to be very accurate.

As you may see, there’s a USB-C port and two firing speakers on the bottom of the phone, while a 3.5mm audio jack available at the top of the smartphone.

The side of the smartphone host two buttons, likely to control the volume and to switch on the phone.

The rear of the phone shows a square camera bump with one camera lens and flash.


The screen was reported to be a 5.81-inch OLED screen with 2340 x 1080 resolution.

This is based on a leak by 9to5google which also publish a list of possible specifications for the Pixel 4a.  You will see the site being mentioned constantly here.

As seen above, the front screen has a dot cut-out, likely to store the selfie camera.


XDA developers in February 2020 confirmed that the Pixel 4a will be powered by the Snapdragon 730.  This is a definite improvement from the Pixel 3a which used a Snapdragon 670 processor.

In terms of storage, Google is said to be providing the phone with 6GB RAM which is paired with either 64GB storage space or 128GB storage space.

There’s no surprise here although I can’t help wonder why Google hasn’t opted for 256GB storage space in the smartphone.


Android Central suggest that there would be only a single camera set-up for the Pixel 4a.

The camera is said to be a 12.2-megapixel lens with auto-focus and image stabilization.

Despite the single camera set-up, the photos produce continue to be excellent and jaw-dropping with photo comparison from the Google Pixel 4a compared with the Redmi Note 7 seen below.

The same source also claims that the selfie camera will be an 8-megapixel lens.

BATTERY AND POWER suggested that the Pixel 4a will come with a 3,080 mAh battery which supports 18W charging.

Recent documents suggest the phone will get a 3,140mAh typical battery and 3,080mAh rated capacity.


Google seems to like having two color options for their Pixel smartphones, and it is rumors that the phone will come in Just Black and Barely Blue.


Google usually announces and sells their Pixel smartphones during their I/O events, which usually takes place in May.  This year, the event had been canceled but rumors are suggesting a possible July 2020 date for the phone to be announced.

Other rumors however suggest that despite the July announcement, the phone will be only sold in October 2020.

Debut date aside, the phone’s marketing materials got leaked in March 2020 with prices set at USD399 for the 64GB variant, and USD449 for the 128GB variant.

However, on May 14, 9to5Google‘s Stephen Hall reported that the 128GB Pixel 4a will be sold at USD349.  If this is true, the 64GB variant will likely go much lower, perhaps costing as low as the Apple iPhone SE 2020 I’ve reviewed recently.

On a downside, Pixel smartphones aren’t officially available worldwide, so there’s a chance South East Asian countries like Malaysia may not get the phone officially.

However, if you are still keen in the smartphone, they are sold by third party sellers on both Lazada and Shopee.