Malaysia 7th on Twitter when it’s about K-Pop

Malaysia is ranked 7th on Twitter when discussing about K-Pop. The rank is impressive considering its compared to global statistics.

However, among it’s South East Asian neighbours, Malaysia is fourth, behind Indonesia, The Philippines, and Thailand.

Based on a data shared to me by Twitter Malaysia, K-Pop alone accounts to 7.8 billion global Tweets in 2021, defeating the 6.7 billion Tweets in 2020.

BTS is Malaysians most discussed K-pop group with Twitter claiming that the Malaysian BTS ARMY gave huge helping hands to those affected by the floods in December 2021.

K-pop fans in Malaysia

Despite a lot of Tweeting on K-pop, Twitter claims that the number of fans from Malaysia fits only on 10th spot in the global list.

However, in South East Asia, Malaysia is ranked fourth biggest in such terms, also behind Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Interestingly, the data shared by Twitter showed that Malaysians are diverse in their K-Pop idols with BTS, NCT, and ATEEZ topping the charts in the Malaysia K-Pop following list.

Twitter is confident that #KpopTwitter will continue to break new records every year and they state that they look forward to seeing even more diverse conversations on Twitter and providing more content you can see #OnlyOnTwitter in 2022.