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Samsung phones to get Android Oreo update. Is yours on the list?

When Oreo was announce recently, many were excited about the latest update of the most used mobile operating system (OS). I was too, because Android Oreo packed so many little nice things into a smartphone, it was indeed a step forward.

However, the question remains if your phone would be getting it because it is no secret that some mobile phone manufacturers focus a lot on their flagship hardware, only to totally ignore the software updates.

Thankfully for Samsung users, the Android Oreo update is coming, and if you own any of the following smartphones and tabs below, be prepared to migrate to a better Android version in the near future.

Alleged devices getting Android Oreo
Alleged devices getting Android Oreo

Yes, if the list is anything to go by, there’s 36 Samsung smartphones going to get an update and that’s pretty huge by industry standards.

Now, the issue is that the list above is just ‘probable list’, which means its not confirmed just yet, though did confirm that the weibo user posting the info is quite reliable

However, there’s no harm holding onto hope, especially since some of the phones listed were around since 2015.