Android O skin

Android O likely to be called Oreo, and here’s highlights

Rumours are surfacing online that the new Android O would be launched this coming 21st August, coinciding with the solar eclipse, which Google would be streaming live, in conjunction to an event they would be also organizing.

Android Police however did more digging, and found out that a video file name of a video that would be played during the event was named ‘Android Oreo’, hence providing enough suspicion to make a guess that the new operating system by Google would be called ‘Android Oreo’.

Oreo isn’t exactly a surprising name for the new Android as ‘Oreo’ fits into Googles practice of naming their Android versions using sweet food items.


Speculations by AndroidAuthority say that Android O will fix performance and bugs that plague the former Android 7.0 version, which includes bugs related to camera launch and battery drain, and introduce a function called ‘Vitals’ to help you manage security and performance issue of your phone.

Android O will also feature a different font, lock screen and notification design and layout, as Google makes alterations to the design of Android to feature a new looking status bar, navigation bar and many more.

Vitals is said to come to Android O. Photo credit: AndroidAuthority

On the notification bar, Android O will have constant reminders of apps that are running in the background, allowing you to either kill them to address power drain, or leave them as it is.

Another interesting thing added to Android O is the picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to continue watching a video as you navigate around your phone. If you are not familiar with this feature, it is already used in Youtube when you watch through your mobile phone.

There’s more new changes brought to Android, but with the operating system launched officially this coming Monday, let’s just wait to see what’s the final deal.