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Review: Motorsports Manager – Addictive even for non-Motorsport enthusiast

Motorsport Manager is an addictive managerial game which needs your full attention when you are playing it.  It is such an amazing game that you will likely be glued to your smartphone as you play the game, trying to win cash rewards from sponsors of your self name motorsport team.

Team selection
You can choose your team colour and name with the Motorsport Manager. Photo: APK Rewards

The game is very interactive, and strategies are often needed on different race tracks to ensure a winning team.

Race Day
Small dots show racer movement. Photo credit: APK Awards

One needs to pay close attention to the ever changing weather and driver request to complete an entire race, with the challenge only getting harder as you opt to go on more established races.


There’s plenty of races to choose from if you play Motorsport Manager, starting from the basic beginners tier, up to the world class tournaments. Each race brings you to different race tracks, making the game play pretty interesting as you need to tweak your driving style and car to the track.

The user interface of the game is simple, yet absolutely stunning and easy to use.

The Starting Grid
The starting grid before any major race. Photo credir: APK Award

Gameplay is basic, but it doesn’t bring you far from the real experience with small touches like showing the starting race grid before the main race a nice touch in my opinion.

The game is very smooth, and it has never crashed as far as I am concerned, depicting a well working engine behind the whole game.

Another great thing about the game is that you are not ‘forced’ to buy credit, and you can enjoy the game and level up naturally by winning races and earning cash, though you can opt for much faster upgrades at a price.


Like most mobile games, there’s a way, or I say ‘cheat’ to upgrade faster, allowing you to win races easily.  All you need to do is spend a little real money, and you can forget about winning races to get your upgrades naturally.

Car upgrades
Car upgrades can be expensive. Photo credit: APK Rewards

Though such upgrades are available, they are not generous and very pricey compared to other games, but then again, I found it very unlikely that I’d pay real money to upgrade my cars. This however meant that I needed to be patient as I progress.


I personally love Motorsport Manager and it has proven to be an amazing time killer when I have nothing to do.  Motorsport Manager doesn’t get dull, and the many races available ensure all race is exciting. Motorsport Manager is available on Android.