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Maxis 5G plans announced to everyone

Maxis has announced the launch of its highly anticipated range of new Maxis 5G plans as the telco moves on to the technology.

The 5G service by the telco is now available nationwide from 15 August 2023.

The upgraded plans come with more than double the data for both 4G and 5G as well as additional bonus data for 5G.

According to the telcos, the plans are designed to meet the increasing digital needs of both consumers and businesses, especially for video content consumption and productivity tools.

The new Maxis Postpaid plans range from RM79 to RM199 per month, with 4G/5G data up to 200GB.

In addition, customers can enjoy bonus 5G data of up to 100GB, unlimited calls and SMS.

Maxis Business postpaid customers will enjoy all the benefits of the abovementioned upgraded 5G postpaid plan, as well as additional Productivity Data of up to 100GB and digital marketing solutions in their company plan subscriptions.

In addition, Maxis Business is offering a RM10 rebate per month for up to 12 months on any of its 5G postpaid plans for new customers and existing customers who wish to upgrade.

The new Hotlink Postpaid with 5G will be available at RM70 per month with 70GB of 4G/5G data and 35GB of bonus 5G data.

Hotlink Prepaid customers will enjoy 5G internet passes from RM45 per month for 50GB + Bonus 5G Data of 25GB under the Hotlink Pantas Pass, or as low as RM15 per week for 15GB + Bonus 5G Data of 10GB.

Additionally, youths below 24 years of age can enjoy 20% cashback on the purchase of any monthly internet pass.

Last but not least, existing and new subscribers of Maxis Home Wifi will experience better home internet connectivity under the RM158 monthly plan, with unlimited 4G/5G speed.

The plan includes a premium 5G router for high-speed connectivity, catering to multiple users and devices.

To enjoy the benefits of the new plans with 5G, existing Maxis and Hotlink customers can upgrade their plans via the website, Maxis or Hotlink app, or visit the nearest Maxis Centre.

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