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Roidmi EVE Plus review: A robot vacuum with long battery life

The Roidmi EVE Plus is a smart robot vacuum which helps vacuum, mop and self-empty itself automatically.

This means that the robot vacuum can literally clean the house at a press of the button.

In case you don’t know, Roidmi is a brand under Xiaomi which is famed for creating good quality products, and selling them at affordable prices.

Design of the EVE Plus

The Roidmi EVE Plus fits perfectly as a Xiaomi sub-brand product because it is made with quality, and doesn’t cost a bomb.

It’s glossy finish makes it look premium although it does attract fingerprints, and the built and structure of the robot vacuum (main unit) and its dust collection station is solid and using good quality plastic.

There’s not much to say about how it looks because most robot vacuums look identical.

Controlling the Roidmi EVE PLus

In terms of control, the robot vacuum is controlled by the Roidmi App. Pairing the Eve Plus with the Roidmi App takes little effort.

Once paired, more options are revealed and it’s easy to figure out what and how you can use the app. In my opinion, the app is user friendly and easy to use.

In fact, there’s little you need to do to be honest because the Eve Plus is pretty much autonomous.

In the app, one only needs to press the ‘Start cleaning’ icon, and the robot vacuum does the rest, which includes disposing off the dust and dirt it collected while cleaning, into the dust collection station.

More interesting is the fact that the robot vacuum can also return back to its dust collection station (which also acts as the charging station) when its battery goes down to 15%, and continue to work its shift where it left off once it gets 80% of power.

Anyway, with the Roidmi App, you can also set the robot vacuum’s work hours, restrictions, and see information about consumable record, the dust disposal station, dust bag condition, cleaning path, vacuum time, and its battery life.

Cleaning experience

As I mentioned above, the vacuum works autonomously once I hit the ‘Start Cleaning’ icon on the Roidmi App.  From there on, I can just do my own business while the main unit does its job to scan, identify and clean areas on my house.

My house is about 44 square meters so there’s not much to clean, but there are pretty much a few obstacles which the main unit can’t overcome.

One of the biggest obstacles is difference in floor height.  The robot vacuum can easily climb a 2cm height, but if it’s beyond that, it will get stuck.  This will cause the robot vacuum to stall, and send out a message for help.

The other obstacle is loose clothing or rugs which are lying on the floor.  While the robot vacuum is able to push these rugs away, there are instances where the rug gets stuck in the front wheel as well.

Other than that, the robot vacuum does its job as it should, going through narrow and low areas while picking up dust, small rubbish and shredded hair.  The 900W motor it has generates a 23,000pa strong suction, which means that the vacuum does it’s job pretty well.

With the self adjusting vacuum nozzle, it easily cleans tight and hard to reach spaces like under the bed or table with ease as well.

While it was working, I noticed that the IR sensors at the sides of the vacuum help it to slow down and avoid obstacles it detects ahead of it. There’s also an anti-bumping sensors that ensure there’s no collision as well.

Once the cleaning job is completed, these rubbishes are then transported to the Dust Collection Station where it is automatically sucked out of the EVE Plus, into a 3L dust bag.

Here dust collecting station uses its an automated sterilization and deodorization system to sterilize and deodorize the dust collected automatically.

It uses the Deodorizing Particle Generator which uses HEPA filter and Active Oxygen technology.

During my test, I also installed and use the 250ml water tank and mop module which allowed the robot vacuum to also mop my house.

While the mopping of the vacuum does simulate hand mopping, in which it can move in a U-route, the mopping isn’t perfect.  Water poodles need to be avoided as well, which is something you usually have when mopping.

Anyway, the mopping feature in this EVE Plus is basic, so do not expect too much.

Battery life

The Robot Vacuum EVE Plus comes with a 5,200mAh battery which allows it to function for 250 minutes (about 4 hours).  This is a key selling point of the vacuum in my opinion because there’s a lot of cheap robot vacuums that suffer from battery lifespan.

With a full charge, the robot vacuum has no problem cleaning for up to 250 minutes (roughly 4 hours) on standard sweeping suction.

If you increase the sweeping suction rate to the maximum, the battery life decreases, but its still above what you can expect from other robot vacuums.

Price and availability

Spare parts and disposable items like the dust bags are easily available online at affordable prices.

An authentic Roidmi EVE Plus retails from RM1,588 with a one year warranty at the links below.


If you don’t have time to vacuum your house or living area, or just have a hard time reaching tight spots like under the bed, then Roidmi EVE Plus is for you.

It’s literally a one touch solution for house cleaning when time is tight and does the job without much fuss.

Once you add up its price and capabilities into the equation, its a device that’s worth the money spent on it.