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All about HONOR 90 Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection

As you may have heard, the HONOR 90 comes with Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection Display, which according to the brand, is set to be a game-changer for the mid-range segment.

But what does this ‘Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection Display’ actually mean?

To simply put it, ‘Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection Display’ means your eyes are better protected from harmful flickers which are shown or emitted from the smartphone’s screen.

Now, I can’t properly review of show you a test which actually proves what HONOR claims, but here’s what I know based on articles I’ve read on the matter.

How OLED screens are harmful

As smartphones move from LCD to OLED displays today, to give us better screen display, smaller bezels (that thing that surrounds the display), and in-display fingerprint scanners, they do come with one shortcoming, which is the lower 240Hz – 480Hz low-frequency Pulse with Modulation (PWM).

These low-frequency PWM dimming is actually harmful to the eye because the eye by itself is sensitive to such flickers.

Prolonged use of OLED screens with such low frequencies are therefore bad and can result in tired and sore eyes.

Continue staring at these screens over a period of time and one can experience visual disturbance, eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision and more.

HONOR 90 Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection

The solution to reduce such issues can be addressed by increasing the PWM frequencies as higher PWM frequencies result in less flickering, and hence straining the eyes less.

This is what HONOR means when they said that the HONOR 90 comes with Risk Free Dimming Eye Protection Display.

The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen implements an ultra-high frequency PWM dimming at an astounding rate of 3840Hz.

This frequency not only surpasses the industry standard of 3125Hz but ensures that the display of the HONOR 90 remain flicker-free, even at low brightness levels.

Such display had also earned HONOR’s display the IEEE Std 1789-2015 standard.

To show that this is not just a show of numbers and awards, HONOR also took their AMOLED screen to be tested by the experts and had the HONOR 90 gain the prestigious TÜV Rheinland Flicker-free certification.

You can see the video below, which I’ve cut specifically to show what different PWM frequencies look like.

HONOR has been pushing for better eye care

If you aren’t that familiar with HONOR, you may think user eye protection is something new to the brand.

However, the fact is HONOR has been working towards improving eye care for their users since 2016, which is seven years ago!

In fact, HONOR gained their first breakthrough in high-frequency PWM dimming in 2021 which they incorporated to the HONOR 50.

Later they introduced what is called the Circadian Night Display which automatically adjust the display of the smartphone to warmer colors, directly removing high circadian stimulus colors to reduce dangerous blue rays emitted from the smartphone screen.

They had also introduced Dynamic Dimming which resembles natural light rhythm to stimulate ciliary (ring-shaped thickening of tissue inside the eye that divides the posterior chamber from the vitreous body) muscles movement.  This is said to help increase blood circulation in the ciliary muscles.

That said, HONOR’s move to further improve the eye protection via its Risk-Free Dimming Eye Protection is not unexpected, and I hope more brands would follow suit to put their users health first in their newer phones.

My experience with the HONOR 90 screen

Personally, thanks to the eye protection settings, I can say that playing games on the HONOR 90 is very pleasing.

We all know that when gaming, the screen will be our main focus and we hardly bother to move our view away from the screen.

Unlike other smartphones I’ve used, my eyes feel less tired when gaming using the HONOR 90 despite playing the same game for the same duration on the smartphone.

This has increased the time I spend playing games on the phone, not exactly something to be proud of, but does prove something about how comfortable I am with the display.

HONOR 90 is coming to Malaysia

The HONOR 90 will be launched in Malaysia in a couple more days (20 July 2023), and there’s a lot of reviews and details about the smartphone already available online, including in this blog; PhoneSentral.

As someone who loves using premium smartphones, I am very glad to know that HONOR has put the HONOR 90 as a mid-range smartphone as it has very interesting and important features, but it will not break the bank in terms of pricing.

That said, you can check out the official Malaysian launch this coming 20th July at 8PM at the HONOR Facebook site or read my review of the smartphone’s camera in the link below.