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Google Pixel, Google Logo
The back of Google Pixel last year. //Photo by CNET

Google Pixel 2.0 and Pixel XL released this 4 October?

With numerous brands already announcing their flagship smartphone, now comes Google, who will be keen to impress with their latest Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 2.0 and the Pixel XL.

Rumours suggest that the phone would be bezel-less, powered by Snapdragon 835, with a minimum of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Now, the latest rumour is that the flagship phone of Google would be introduced this coming 4th October, as posted by a photo forwarded to Droid-Life.

Google billboard
The Google billboard. //Photo credit: Droid-life

The timing can’t be a coincidence, especially since Google also introduced the Pixel range about the same time last year.

Of course the announcement could be of something else, but since we are a phone site, we are hopeful it is the new Pixel range arrival. –