PICO opens second Malaysian store in Penang

PICO, the leading virtual reality (VR) company, has opened their PICO Store Penang.

The store becomes the brands second official store in Malaysia since 2022.

According to the brand, the store is operated through its authorised distributor, Rainbow Distribution.

It is strategically located at Queensbay Mall, Penang, and is set to offer a wide range of immersive VR experiences and cutting-edge PICO VR headsets.

The store spans 1,476 square-feet within the shopping malls with the PICO store offering an immersive experience across four experiential zones dedicated to gaming, fitness, entertainment, and social.

According to the brand, this comprehensive VR shopping destination caters to both enthusiasts and newcomers, allowing customers to engage firsthand with the many PICO VR headsets placed throughout the store.

In case you didn’t know, PICO’s first store is located in Sunway Piramid, in Selangor.