Instagram Direct. Photo from The Verge
Instagram Direct. Photo from The Verge

Instagram coming up with messaging app called ‘Direct’

If you think that the messaging app circle is already crowded, then you may want to re-think that statement because, Instagram, yep, the photo popular sharing app, is testing a stand alone messaging app which could mimic the abilities of the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and so many others.

The new stand alone messaging app from Instagram however however has a cool name, as it is currently called ‘Direct’, which to me is way cooler than the rest of the messenger names out there.

According to The Verge, Direct opens to the camera in the same way Snapchat does, and you will have your Instargram inbox disappear when you install Direct, with the Instagram people quoted as saying that they can make Direct even better as a standalone app.

Now, I never liked having messages in Instagram, and I will try my best to not install Direct when it is available in Malaysia because there’s literally too many messaging apps out there its getting annoying to keep.

However, I do expect Instagram, which is owned by Facebook by the way, to somewhat ‘force’ people to download be app like how Facebook ‘forced’ users to download their messenger in the past.

For now, if you want to use Direct, it’s only available to download it in six countries, namely Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay, and even that is for testing purposes.

The rest of the world has to wait until a worldwide roll-out is announced.