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The Apple iPhone 12 – Why am I not overly excited?

Apple just released the Apple iPhone 12, and as usual, it’s an upgrade from what the iPhone 11 used to be.

As many Android users are aware, Apple’s iPhone’s aren’t really ground breaking because what the iPhone has, the Android phones already had.

That means, the extra screen due to less bezels, the Super Retina XDR display, the surgical grade stainless steel, the IP68 rating and the 65mm Telephoto camera doesn’t really scream ‘groundbreaking news’ for Android users as these features are already available on Android phones.

Apple also made the new iPhone 12 thinner this time around, and decided that they should have more models for every segment of users.

This therefore sees the iPhone 12 coming in four different models:

  1. iPhone 12 mini,
  2. iPhone 12,
  3. iPhone 12 Pro and
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max,

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the model with the top specs and it starts at RM5,299.

Well, despite trying to impress different segments of consumers, I remain unimpressed largely to the price.

With the iPhone 12 also shipping without a power adapter and earpiece (EarPods) in the name of reducing carbon footprint, the phone becomes even less attractive particularly to whose like me who think that such statement is only an excuse to ‘force’ consumers to buy more Apple products than before.

But the Apple iPhone 12 will continue to remain an object that marks someone’s stature in the mobile community.

With iPhone 12 selling from RM3,399 (for the iPhone 12 mini), the phone will remain appealing to those loyal to the brand with telco’s expected to dish out great bargains to make the phone more affordable to the masses.

Yet, for me, if I had to fork out that amount of money for a phone, I do still find it rather ‘too much’ for now, and would probably go for the iPhone 11 instead.