The best smartwatches for 2021

Smartwatches are wearables which have gained traction over the years so it only makes sense to compare smartwatches out there.

There’s hundred of smartwatches out there, sometimes confused with fitness bands.  In fact, some even break down smartwatches into two types, psedo-smartwatches, and proper real smartwatches.

Here, we won’t be breaking the smartwatches into such category since everyone refers to such wearables as just smartwatches. This is because there aren’t many smartwatches out there, and to be honest,

How to choose the best smartwatch of 

To be among the best smartwatches, the watch must last for over 14 days on a single charge. This to me is vital as having to charge a watch on a daily basis would be not only annoying, but would also ridiculously deny the user of the watch’s function for a couple of hours during charging.  That said, a watch must be ‘alive’ for it to be functional, so battery life matters.

Another important thing to look at function.  This is where the number of sports mode, the availability of GPS, health monitoring (like sleep, weight, SPO2, steps, calories), default apps and so forth needs to be considered.  Basically, the bigger number of functions, the better.

The third thing that makes a watch one of the best smartwatch of is the display.  The current trend shows that smartwatches are made of TFTLCD displays, AMOLED displays and IPSLCD displays.  AMOLED displays are the clearest by far. This means that the watch face would look sharp its almost indistinguishable from an analog watch if seen from far.

The weight of the watch also plays a role when selecting a watch. Light watches feel effortless when used.  This in turn will increase use of the watch as compared to heavy ones.

App and software support is the other thing that needs to be considered.  Cheap smartwatches from small random brands usually don’t have stable or updated apps as they concentrate on selling more watches than improving their apps and software. This results in poor software and outdated apps which might ‘hang’ when used.

Last but not least is pricing. The best smartwatch will be easy on the wallet. I’m not sure about you, but spending thousand on a smartwatch to me does not seem realistic these days. New models get more functions and are improved yearly, so if you buy a watch for thousands, changing to a newer, more improved model in the future might be difficult, unless you have that amount of money to spare.

There’s other factors to consider like water proofing, watch size and how it looks.  However, I feel these factors are neglectable as most smartwatches now have a certain IP rating.

That said, here’s the top 5 smartwatches of my choice, in no particular order, including it’s price, and where you can buy them.

The best smartwatch of 2021

Honor Watch GS Pro

The Honor Watch GS Pro features a 1.33′ AMOLED display with a 25 day battery life. It also has every health monitoring function a smartwatch has today including blood oxygen (SpO2), heart rate and over 100+ sports function. On top of that, the smartwatch is MIL-STD-810G tested, hence making it one of the most durable out there. It is made from stainless steel, and I guess this makes it slightly heavier than some watches listed here at 45.5g.  Another turn off is it’s price, which retails at RM699.


Amazfit T-rex

The Amazfit T-rex is heavier than the Honor GS Pro and has a shorter 20 day battery life. It’s slightly smaller than the GS Pro, and has a smaller AMOLED display. It also includes 20 sports mode settings, and only matches the GS Pro in terms of offering all the health functions in today’s smartwatch and promise of 12 Military Grade Certified.  However, since it retails at just RM499, I feel skipping the shortcomings compared to the GS Pro is possible. There’s a pro version of this watch but it has less battery life and is much more expensive.

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Amazfit GTR 2e

There’s quite a number of Amazfit GTR 2 smartwatches, but the GTR 2e version is the best in this model as it has a 24 day battery life, and comes with voice assistance, stress detection and all the health functions a typical smartwatch would have. Also included is 90 types of sports mode with automatic detection function. It also boast a bigger 1.65-inch AMOLED screen with an aluminum body which weighs just 25g without straps.  It’s not cheap at RM549, but if I would have to choose a smartwatch flagship killer, this would be it.

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Amazfit GTS 2e

This Amazfit GTS 2e really as good as the Amazfit GTR 2e except for its shorter battery life, which is still 14 days use in a single charge.  In terms of function, the GTS 2e is very similar to the GTR 2e, boasting of voice assistance, stress detection and all the typical health functions in today’s smartwatches. It has 90 sports mode to choose from, and a big 1.65-inch AMOLED screen. It shares the same retail price of the GTR 2e at RM549.


Amazfit GTS 2 M


The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is probably looks familiar. Well, I can’t blame you there because it looks like the Apple Watch.  Nonetheless, despite its small size, it has a 1.55-inch screen and has stress detection and all the typical health functions in today’s smartwatches.  It also has Alexa Built-in which is a voice assistant. The number of sports mode available is 70, and a single charge of this smartwatch can last a full 14 – days. It retails at RM399.


Additional: How about Apple Watch and Samsung’s Smartwatches?

Due to price and battery, the watches by Samsung and Apple couldn’t be considered in the list above.

They probably work great if paired with their respective smartphones, but in general, I am looking for watch that can be used by the masses when typing out the list above.

That said, the five smartwatches above are the best in my opinion, and I would have no problem recommending them.