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Thunder Match Kuching
Thunder Match Kuching

Samsung Galaxy S8 sold for only RM1,799 during Thunder Match Technology Warehouse Sale

Tech retailer Thunder Match Technology is now having their warehouse sales in their Kuching outlet, with prices of digital items, particularly computer and smartphone related dropping so massively, it’s just irresistible.

While the headline discounts would likely go to the laptops and computer accessories which get discounts of up to 90%, I personally can’t help but also feel excited when I look at the smartphones on sale too as they are equally are priced at unbelievable promotions with discounts hitting hundreds of Malaysian Ringgit.

Models, as new as the Samsung Galaxy Note8, and the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+ are also given discounts with the Samsung Galaxy S8 sold at RM1,799, and the Samsung Galaxy 8+ sold at RM1,899.

Thunder Match Kuching Smartphone sale
Prices of new and old smartphones are really low at the Thunder Match Warehouse Sale

Just to give you an idea of how low smartphones went, below are the smartphone offers given at this Thunder Match Kuching Warehouse Sales.

Thunder Match Kuching Sale prices
Thunder Match Kuching Sale prices

Pretty impressive, right?

On top of new smartphone models, Thunder Match Kuching is also offering display/demo units at even lower prices with full warranty intact, making them a steal.

Anyway, if you are keen to save on your next IT purchase, check out the Thunder Match Warehouse Sale at VivaCity Megamall Kuching from today until this Sunday (12 November 2017).

More listing of prices can be found on the official Thunder Match Facebook page, if you want to know more.

If you missed it, jangan cakap abang tak payung!