Google Assistant can now identify songs for you

Headphones and music selection

When you are on the road with the radio on, finding the title of the song you just heard cannbe slightly tedious because you need to unlock your phone, and tap on Shazam or SoundCloud to look up the song you just heard.

If you are like me, these two apps are usually hidden in some apppl folder, or perhaps among the furthest app locstion because its an app that I rarely use, though very important when a good song is heard.

I mean, both song recognizing apps are great, but not a priority enough to put it on your mai screen.

This is where Google Assistant‘s AI is really impressive as Google is rolling out new interesting features, which include song identification.

All you need to do is activate your Google Assistant, and ask what song you are listening to, and Google will tell you after a few seconds of listening.  It is reported that the song identification works on Pixel phones, but I was keen to see if it works on my AndroidOne phone.

I tried it out, and unfortunately the feature is not available in Malaysia just yet, and I am using the Xiaomi MiA1, which is pretty updated when it comes to Android.

Google Song identification
Google Song identification

Instead, the error message as seen above says the ‘action is not supported in your country’.

I guess for now, I’ve to stick to Shazam and Soundcloud to identify songs, but it is interesting to know where Google Assistant is heading in the near future.

Have you tried yours yet?