Samsung Galaxy Note FE official price drops, but there’s more!

Samsung Galaxy Note FE
Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Third party online retail stores are already selling the Samsung Galaxy Note FE at only RM2,059 as I posted previously, but if you want one from the official Samsung store, rejoice because Samsung has decided to dwindle their official pricing to RM2,199!

That’s RM400 less than the previous official retail price!

But the good news doesn’t just end there.  Prices for the Samsung Galaxy J7+ also drops by RM300 to RM1,299 (previously RM1,599), and the Samsung J7 Pro gets a slight reduction to RM1,099, down from the initial RM1,199.

The new prices for the J7 series offered by Samsung can’t however match offers of the same phone on Lazada Malaysia which can go as low as RM1,199 for the J7+, and RM968 for the J7 Pro.  These offers however aren’t from the official Samsung store, but do claim to carry the official Samsung Malaysia warranty.


Considering that all devices have just landed in Malaysia, the discounts do come at a surprise, but it is now getting very tempting to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note FE to be honest.

I’m saying this because I feel the Galaxy Note FE is just rightly sized, and it has all the goodies a smartphone should have, including the S-Pen, all as I explained in more detail when I reviewed the Galaxy Note FE.

Anyway, if you want to know if there’s any more changes in Samsung devices after the new year, check out the official Samsung Online store.