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Samsung Galaxy Note FE
Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Samsung Galaxy Note FE at cheapest price yet, – only RM2,059

Nope, you didn’t read the title wrong because the deal is REAL and I am sharing you this information because I’ve tried the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, and as you read here, I was blown away!

In case you don’t want to click the link I’ve given above about how I was simply ‘blown away’ by the Galaxy Note FE, then recalling that the Galaxy Note FE is actually the improved version of the Galaxy Note 7 would be suffice.  (Remember, the Galaxy Note 7 literally exploded and was recalled from the market last year).

Anyway, while the Galaxy Note8 is the latest offering from Samsung when it comes to the Note series, the longer size, as well as the extremely expensive pricing may be a turn off for many, myself included.

The Galaxy Note FE is just nicely sized, and it has almost all the whistles and bells you need to have a nice functional smartphone, and the price now is crazy low, down by RM520 from the initial pricing of RM2,599.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE on Lazada Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy Note FE on Lazada Malaysia. This is the second lowest price available.

So where can you get the Samsung Galaxy Note FE at the said price?  Well, Lazada Malaysia is where you should go as the smartphone is priced at RM2,059, but you need to hurry as there is less than 4 units available!  The phone ships from Malaysia with a Malaysia Samsung warranty intact, so there’s no need to worry about seeking warranty.

On top of that, 12-months installments are also available, if you prefer to pay the phone on a monthly basis.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE price on Lazada Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy Note FE price on Lazada Malaysia

Well, if you do miss out on the deal, then there’s always other deals also at Lazada Malaysia with the Galaxy Note FE sold way below the market price with freebies and installments also available, but the RM2,059 is by far the cheapest I’ve seen.

If you have been eyeing the smartphone, then I’ve one word for you; Hurry!