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AOC launches AGON 4 series

AOC has just recently launched the AGON 4 Series which is part of its newly-branded AGON PRO line.

If you didn’t know the AGON PRO line is made with professional team gamers and individuals seeking stardom within the global gaming community in mind.

AGON 4 series highlights

Although just recently launched, the AGON 4 series has already received industry acclaim achieving the Red Dot Design Award.

Variants under the AGON 4 series boast unbeatable gaming-monitor specifications for the blistering performance demanded by this target market.

The use of MiniLED display technology offers bright, detailed imagery, accurate color reproduction, and an ultra-high contrast ratio with deeper blacks and brighter whites, for extreme quality gaming performance.

It also uses IPS panels and offers a 1.0ms response time (GTG), VESA Display HDR certification, logo projection and lighting effects.

The AGON 4 AG254FG will be feature blazingly fast 360Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync anti-tearing technology for stunning eSports visual impact.

Another model, the AGON 4 AG274QXM, will adopt breakthrough miniLED technology, with the AGON 4 AG274UXP offering 4K resolution visuals and HDMI 2.1 connectivity.

The biggest of the monitors in the AGON 4 series would be the AGON 4 AG324UX which boasts, not only a 31.5 inches screen, but twin HDMI 2.1 ports, and 4K resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

There are several other variants of the AGON 4 series as you can see below.

AOC AGON 4 price and availability

To be entirely honest, the AGON monitor series are not in anyway cheap, but considering the quality it brings to the table, that’s expected.

If you are looking for the monitors, you can look it up on Shopee or Lazada