ookyo, unlimited 4G internet for social media & entertainment at RM30

Ookyo main website

ookyo is the latest not-so-secret internet prepaid plan by Maxis, which was detected by tech sites in Malaysia.

At only RM30 a month, ookyo is offering unlimited 4G internet to either socialize, or become anti-social.

I say socialize because one of ookyo’s plan is to called the ‘okyo social pack’, in which you get unlimited 4G internet to use Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Line etc, while the anti-social plan, called the ‘ookyo Entertainment pack’ gives you unlimited high speed data for streaming music on Spotify and JOOX  Music, read 9GAG, or interact with those on Smule and Bigo, among others. – Okaylah, it’s not THAT anti-social really.

The Ookyo plans.
The Ookyo plans.

Honestly, ookyo got me at unlimited 4G LTE internet at RM30 monthly, but if you really want to dig deeper into what ookyo is offering, then read on because this is what I got from visiting the ookya official website, which is live now btw.

First and foremost, ookyo integrates Google Play into their reward system, so this is pretty unique to ookyo for now. Also, if you check their website out carefully, you’d notice that they have a few ways for you to get rewarded like by referring a friend.

Rewards offered by ookya.
Rewards offered by ookya.

Secondly, ookyo is only available online, and at the moment, only usable through their Android mobile app, hence limiting their services to those using Android phones only.

Thirdly, while ookyo does have coverage nationwide thanks to Maxis’ 4G coverage, the delivery of the SIM is only limited to West Malaysia, while other regions (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) would have to wait.  You can however use the service nationwide.

Of course I will be monitoring ookyo closely, but I am very interested to know how Hotlink, Malaysia and also Maxis’ oldest prepaid works with this new prepaid service. – phonesentral.com