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OPPO’s Battery Health Engine wins in the 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards

OPPO’s Battery Health Engine was announced as a winner in the Sustainable Product category at the 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards.

This means, OPPO now joins the likes of General Motors, T-Mobile, and Cisco, in winning the highly prestigious international sustainability accolade.

About OPPO’s Battery Health Engine

The Battery Health Engine is a system-level battery health solution developed by OPPO over a three-year period.

By solving battery issues associated with dead lithium, the Battery Health Engine reduces loss in battery capacity over time, helping to extend battery life and reduce electronic waste caused by frequently discarded smartphone batteries.

Based on OPPO’s customized battery management chip, the Smart Battery Health Algorithm, and Battery Healing Technology, the Battery Health Engine can maintain the battery capacity of OPPO smartphones by as much as 80% of its original value after as many as 1,600 charge-discharge cycles , delivering an effective battery lifespan much longer than the industry standard.

OPPO says that the Battery Health Engine has been featured on more than ten OPPO smartphone products since 2022. This includes the OPPO Find X5 series.

The 2023 SEAL Award for the OPPO Battery Health Engine adds to the growing international recognition of OPPO’s efforts to enhance sustainability through technical innovation.

More on the SEAL Awards

The SEAL Awards (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership Awards) celebrate the companies and leaders across the globe that make measurable contributions to sustainability and develop innovative initiatives that positively impact the environment.