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Huawei October 2021 discounts and deals

If you have been eyeing a Huawei device, then this Huawei October 2021 discounts and deals listing is for you.

The brand is offering up to 42% discount on selected products.

Huawei is no doubt one of the few brands which always offer value for money for their products and they are one of the biggest brands in technology to date.

For October, they are not going to lose out to their competition, and will be offering a lot, and I do mean a lot, of devices at discounted promotions.

Deals start at RM9.90

Huawei Malaysia deals start at a mouth watering RM9.90, which is really low.

Other deals can be seen below:

Huawei Malaysia says the promotion is available on its official Huawei store, but I noticed some were also offered on its Shopee Official store.


Deals for me

The Huawei CM510 Mini Speaker at just RM9.90 is a very tempting offer, but I have a lot of portable speakers lying around lately.

That said, if I was given the option to buy anything during this Huawei October 2021 discounts and deals, my money would go to the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i3 + WS5200 bundle which I think offers quite a huge value for money deal by offering close to RM500 worth of reduction.

Anyway, if you aren’t looking for Huawei products this 10.10, then check out my 10.10 deal compilation to get more deals.