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My HONOR Magic5 Pro hands-on preview

This HONOR Magic5 Pro preview is to give you an insight of my first impression of the smartphone which won multiple awards in the Mobile World Congress 2023.

For your information, the smartphone was made available to PhoneSentral not long after its global launch, and here’s a few things I had noticed about the smartphone which will be further elaborated in my in-depth review which should be released next week.

What’s in the box

The box looks premium and once you open it, you get a 66W HONOR Supercharge adapter, which is accompanied with a USB-C cable, a SIM card tray needle and a transparent silicon case.

There’s no earphones in this case, but if they were, it’s a definite bonus.

HONOR Magic5 Pro body preview

Unboxing the Magic5 Pro revealed I got the Meadow Green variant which looks like a diamond jade colour with glitters when I put it under white light. Under different lighting, it looks rather greyish instead.

There’s a 5cm Star Wheel Triple camera set-up on the rear, which showcases HONOR’s iconic Symmetrical Design.

I like how it the body slowly curves up to the camera setup as it seems more natural.

The HONOR logo is embossed nicely at the bottom end of the rear, with the SIM tray, down-firing speakers and USB-C port located on the bottom end of the smartphone.

In front, the Magic5 Pro’s screen is curved with a dual camera system seen on the top left.

As usual, HONOR had already installed a screen film onto the screen to ensure the screen in protected from any accidental scratches.

On top of the smartphone, there’s the upper side speakers which give this smartphone its DTS:X Ultra speakers.

First impression of the HONOR Magic5 Pro

Overall, the smartphone looks good and feels very solid, which in turn gives confidence when I handle it for daily use.

Compared to the HONOR X9a 5G, it’s slightly thicker and heavier, but that extra weight brings extra confidence that the Magic5 Pro is more expensive and reliable.

In terms of usage, the set-up of the smartphone was speedy and fast, and the MagicOS 7.1 feels smooth and easy to use.

If you had used an iPhone before, using the MagicOS 7.1 feels right at home.

Unlocking the smartphone is also easy with the fingerprint scanner doing its job within seconds it detects the correct fingerprint.

Alternatively, the facial recognition is also very swift in unlocking the screen. Despite being fast, it is accurate and doesn’t unlock the screen when a different facial image is shown to its sensors.

I tried the camera briefly and was also gladly impressed.

As you may have known, the camera had won the DXOMARK Image test and based on my few test, it does deserve the award.

Taking good photos were particularly easy and the images produced were sharp and of good quality.

To put it simple, the cameras are very user friendly and will ensure one doesn’t miss important shots.

My conclusion

Since this is a brief preview on the smartphone, I will stop this post here and give more details on the smartphone when the full review is out.

In that up-coming post, I will detail more and show more photos of the Magic5 Pro’s capabilities which include photo samples.

Regardless, the first impression of the HONOR Magic5 Pro is very positive and I think I will enjoy taking photos and videos with this smartphone.

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