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CMF Buds Pro review: Noise cancelling with comfort

As you probably have read, I got a white CMF Buds Pro for a review recently.

After a coouple of days using the earbuds as my main earbuds, I am able to put up this CMF Buds Pro review for your reading pleasure. It is my hope that this review will give you a guide, or an idea of what to expect from the earbuds which is a sub-brand of Nothing.

Design & comfort

Size: Earbud: 31.6 x 21.6 x 22.5 mm, Charging case: 58 x 58 x 24 mm, Earbuds + charging case: 54.1 g

My first impression of the earbuds was rather positive. This can be read in my unboxing  and first impression video of the buds pro.

Generally speaking, the Buds Pro looks very good to me, but I think what’s more important is that the Buds Pro are comfortable to wear and unobtrusive in the ear even when I am lying down, with the ear buds pressed against the pillow.

This to me is essential as I tend to use the buds to watch movies before sleeping.

I take that this is because the buds are small, light and nicely shaped to follow the shape of my ear canal.

The silicon tips provided are also soft and easy to bend within the ear, resulting in better comfort if compared to other earbuds I’ve used prior to this.

Despite said to be focused on the thrifty side of the market, the earbuds do not feel cheap and seem to be made with quality.

The charging case to me also looks decently nice, although the case somewhat feels rather fragile when it is opened.  Whenever I leave the casing open, I have this insecurity that I may accidentally cause the case to break by dropping it down while it’s open.

Control & connectivity

Specs: Android 5.1 and above iOS 13 and above, Bluetooth v5.3 and touch control

If the CMF Buds Pro is not connected to any device, it is easily detected by any Android smartphone upon the opening of the case.

Connection with the smartphone is almost instant.

However, if you have already connected the earbuds to a device, or had it connected to multiple devices, you may need to download the Nothing X apps to get it connected.

Manually, it can be activated using the bluetooth setting as well.

The Nothing X apps does more than connect the Buds Pro to your phone or device as it can also be used to set what ear bud does when I tap, double tap or triple tap the individual bud.

Aside from that, I can also use the equalizer (EQ) function to further enhance the sound that comes out from the buds, like choosing to have more bass, more treble, clearer voice or to just custom it in a way I prefer.

Noise cancellation, a feature usually only available on premium earbuds, can also be activated here (apart from through touching the buds pro stem).

The app also allows me to disable the in-ear detection, and low-lag mode. This means if I take out the earbuds from my ear, the sound or whatever I am playing will pause until I hit play, or reinsert the earbuds.

There is also a Find My Earbuds feature in the app, useful if I lost the earbuds, although it’s only provides a ‘humble beep’ when I do activate it.

Sound and call quality: Calling, music & movies

Specs: LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) + PU (Polyurethane), sound diagram, Nothing Ultra Bass Technology, Noise cancellation, Hybrid ANC, 6 microphones, Clear Voice Technology

CMF Buds Pro serves me very well when I am watching movies and listening to songs, espcially when the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) is activated.

To me, the ANC performs admirely for this price range of earbuds, blocking almost all noise, and hence allowing me to focus solely on the movie or sond I am listening to.

This is particularly important when watching movies, but can be rather dangerous when on the go or walking.

Disabling the ANC allows me to hear the surrounding, but the sound I listen to is of course less pleasing since it’s now mixed with the environment.

Nonetheless, the sound is still enjoyable although the sound is not as good as when ANC is enabled.

With the EQ, I managed to ramp up the bass, and I felt that the sound does sound accurate and tight.  The bass doesn’t over do it in my opinion, and music in general does sound good.

I’m no sound expert, so I’ll put it as I hear it here; the sound is good through the buds pro.

Call quality is good and clear, and the person on the other end can also hear me clearly when I am using the buds pro.

Battery life

Specs: 55mAh (each bud) / 460mAh (case) with fast charging

CMF claims that the earbuds can go for 11 hours with a single charge.

I will be honest, I didn’t test it that long because I don’t have 11 hours straight in a day to use the buds.

However, since I got it a week ago, I’ve been using it every night for like a couple of hours at night before sleep, and I’ve yet to charge it.

In comparison, the battery life seems to be so much better than my Apple Airpods 3rd Generation or any other earbuds I have in my use at the moment.

Price and where to buy

The Buds Pro is now available in the Nothing Image Store in Plaza Low Yat, as well as online in authorized retail stores.

The retail price of the Buds Pro is RM239, which puts it as an affordable earbuds among many others.

Use the links below to go directly to buy the earbuds.

CMF Buds Pro review conclusion

Overall, I think the CMF Buds Pro is worth the money.

The sound quality is above average, and the battery life is also worth to note as well.

I personally like the casing design and how buds just ‘fits’ nicely in my ear when I use it, lying down, or while on the move.

The only drawback is perhaps when the ANC is turned off, but that’s not a deal breaker for me because I prefer the ANC turned on so that I can focus on the sound that’s playing.

That said, this is now my new favourite earbuds and I am looking forward to watching more movies with it.