Samsung Galaxy Note 8 look
The front and rear look of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Photo credit: Know Your Mobile

Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note8 now for RM238/month

Remember I talked about the EasyPhone loan by Xpax a few weeks back?

I am not sure when this started, but their website today is showing that you can buy, or rather loan the Samsung Galaxy Note8 (which cost RM3,999 by the way) at only RM238/month, for a tenure of 24 months.

Xpax easyphone plan
Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Note8, there’s also other phones available for loans

Of course the price is not exactly cheaper considering there would be interest involved, but it does get you the fancy phone at an affordable rate monthly.  There’s also other phones available, so you can choose which model and brand you want to take the loan.

Anyway, if you do feel that you want to get the loan via EasyPhone, does mention that there’s a RM30 month rebate included on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 loan, refunded via a prepaid top-up on a monthly basis, until you finish servicing your loan.

If you ain’t thinking of taking the loan, get your Note8 through cash at Lazada Malaysia-lah. –