Iphone 8 splitting
Iphone 8 splitting

Apple investigates reports that iPhone 8 are splitting

Apple is reported to be investigating two cases of the new iPhone 8 splitting, days after the smartphone went on sale.

According to numerous reports online, the iPhones were detected to be split at the seams, with two cases reported so far.

Based on what I know, the first iPhone 8 owner was from Taiwan, and he claims that his phone began bursting at the seams when charging. with the official cable and power adapter.

Another incident involved interestingly was also Asian based with a Japanese iPhone buyer reporting that his iPhone 8 arrived with the display already partially detached from the body of the device.

UniledTech showed an image of the split iPhone 8, with what seems to be adhesive showing from the split inner part of the phone.

Lowyat.net reported that Apple is already looking into the matter to see what is happening with the iPhone 8, and what could be the problem, though they are also reported to believe that the battery may be the cause of the problem.

Anyway, I do wonder how many cases there are so far, but if you are planning to get the iPhone 8, perhaps you may want to stall your order until Apple finds out what is really happening.