Yoodo upgrades Yoodo Wallet to Yoodo Credits

Yoodo over the week has upgraded the Yoodo Wallet and renamed it as Yoodo Credits. The upgrade took place on 27 July 2022.

Alongside the upgrade, the telco also introduces Yoodo Points, where users will be able to earn points to purchase Yoodo products and mobile plans.

The change is expected to further reward and elevate Yoodo users experience when using the telco and claiming benefits.

The Yoodo Credits and Yoodo Points feature will function simultaneously, allowing customers the option to purchase Yoodo products or pay for mobile plans from either feature.

However, only Yoodo Credits can be topped up using the usual payment channels (Credit / Debit Card, PayPal, Online Banking, and e-Wallets).

To earn Yoodo Points, users will need to refer their friends and family to Yoodo under the Refer2Earn program, where each referral will earn them 2,000 points.

According to Yoodo, the more referrals made, the more points will be earned which in turn can be used to purchase Yoodo products. Those reffered will also receive 7GB of free data.

Those with existing balance in their Yoodo account will see it go through a one-time conversion into Yoodo Points where every conversion of RM1 is valued at 100 Yoodo Points.

Points will not expire as long as users have an active Yoodo line.

For more information on the Yoodo Credits and Yoodo Points, please visit: www.yoodo.com.my/Points