Xiaomi to ditch MiUI for Android One?

The Xiaomi logo.
The Xiaomi logo.

I have a lot of love for Xiaomi for two huge reasons; their smartphones are affordable, and their Android version, the MiUI is one of the best out there, if not the best.

Unfortunately however, Amanz today reported that Xiaomi may be ditching their flagship MiUI when the launch a smartphone under the Android One program.

The development framework for smartphones under the Android One program will be provided by Google, with smartphone listed under Android One able to use pure Android versions without any customization from the hardware developer.

This is good and bad. Good because updates for pure Android are faster, but bad because some features like dual apps and dual space are really making the MiUI a perfect OS for those of us using two numbers.

Anyway, it is unlikely that Xiaomi would totally abandoned the MiUI considering the effort and community that has backed it.

However, the venture of Xiaomi into the Android One may be the start of something more for the Chinese technology giant, as other powerful smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the HTC 10, LG G5 and more are among smartphone models already on Android One.