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Which is better: HONOR X9b vs HONOR X8b?

When it comes to affordable smartphones from HONOR, two models come to mind which is the HONOR X9b and the HONOR X8b.

Both smartphones we launched at the end of 2023, and both are incredible devices espcially when looking at their specs and price.

I know, because I reviewed both.

So which is better? Well, this post is to give you an idea what you can expect from either phone and which is the one you should purchase.

The similarities

Both the HONOR X9b and X8b have similar cameras. They both have triple rear cameras with a 108MP main camera, which is accompanied with a 5MP wide camera and a 2MP macro camera.  These cameras are able to take HDR, panorama and come with LED flash.

The cameras can also support 30fps at 1080 although the X9b has an edge as its rear camera does support 4K recording.

In terms of storage, both have the 8GB+256GB variant within each model, offer dual SIM capabilities, supports the 35W HONOR Fast Charge and have down-firing speakers.

The difference

Although both the HONR X9b and X8b look similar, they are actually slightly different in size.  Since there is quite a large number of differences between the two, here’s a table to show you the differences between the two.

As you can see, the major differences come in the form of the durability, processor, front camera and battery.

Also, I must also note that the edges of both phones are different with the X8b having a flat (iPhone like) flat egde, and the X9b having a curved edge.  The curved edge gives the X9b an advantage as it is more comfortable when you use the phone with one hand.

The difference in the processor resulted in better game loading with the X9b, while the bigger battery resulting in longer battery life for the same smartphone.  The phone is also 5G and NFC ready and it does have an IP53 rating.

The downside is the maximum storage it provides, which is capped at 256GB.

The X8b on the other hand excelled better when it came to size and weight, and front photography and videography.  Thanks to the fron LED, the front camera videography capabilities a lot better than the X9b as well.

It however is not 5G able, has no NFC and doesn’t have any IP rating.

Both phones also do not share the same camera layout with the X9b’s triple camera more centered if compared to the X8b which is on the side.   Personally, the camera placed on the middle makes it easier to hold when taking photos and it also adds some slight grip when playing games.

My choice

If you ask me, I’d choose the HONOR X9b because its durability means I don’t need to use a case.

I do videos, so having a 4K able camera is also a benefit although I am personally not so fond of the under display finger scanner and the fact the front camera isn’t able to record good videos when it is really dark.

The fact it also has an IP rating and NFC availability is also a huge plus point for me.


So, which is the one you should go for?

In my opinion, it really depends on what you intend to use the phone for.  If you are a person who is careless and does not like using a case, but want a camera that’s able to capture images, the HONOR X9b is for you.

However, if you are looking at storage space, want to save a bit, but still require a camera that’s outstanding, especially in front, then the HONOR X8b is just right.