100Mbps unlimited internet for only RM99 with TIME home fibre internet

TIME fibre home broadband is now available at 1Gbps, which is the fastest speed available in the country

More interestingly, the 1Gbps internet speeds doesn’t cost too much as it only comes at RM199/month.

That’s pretty cheap for blazing 1Gbps.

At the time of writing, the TIME home fibre internet package is the most affordable high speed broadband in the Malaysian market.


But not everyone wants to pay RM199/month for 1Gbps. People like myself for instance is hardly are hardly at home, hence why I would consider other options by TIME home fibre internet.

There’s three different packages under TIME home fibre internet, and they would fit perfectly based on needs.

For those working from home, of relying along on the internet to do work, the 1Gbps package is of course the best.  It comes with a 500Mbps upload speed, a free 100 minutes call package and a D-Link DIR-882 router.  The router is one of the best in the market cost around RM650.  The 1Gbps package is also perfect for online gamers.

Casual users like myself who share the internet with my family for gaming once a while and video streaming is best matched with the 500Mbps TIME home fibre internet package.  It cost RM139/month  and the 500Mbps is good enough to avoid those annoying buffering moments, and perfect for blog updating and looking for information. There’s also a 500Mbps upload speed included for this package so using cloud storage would be fast. Like the 1Gbps package, 100 minutes of free calls are included with this package.

TIME home fibre internet

The cheapest TIME home fibre internet is RM99/month, and its 100Mbps. There’s no free calls for this particular package, but it is the current cheapest offered at the said speeds.

As I am made to understand, this 100Mbps is available exclusively online for a limited time only.  The exclusive promotion is available in conjunction with the launch of the 1Gbps launch. Click on the link below to check out more.


Do note that all packages offer unlimited internet use and do come with a 24-month contract. In my opinion, the 24-month contract is really standard with most telcos nowadays.


Obviously as a consumer, price matters and TIME home fibre internet is the cheapest among all.

The comparison between telcos offering home fibre internet below can be a good guide to which telco is offering the lowest in terms of pricing.

TIME home fibre internet

Aside from price, reliability and stability of the network is also worth to note when choosing a telco.

TIME is known for services and they are promising uninterrupted stable internet for customer.

Interestingly, TIME also admitted that they can offer such stability and reliability in their TIME home fibre internet because they are using their own infrastructure.

TIME’s claim

Not only is TIME using 100 percent fibre for their network, the move to insist on their own infrastructure to deliver is opposed to some other telcos which lease their fibre network from other companies.


I’d love to share the coverage of Time Internet in Malaysia, but with Time expanding their coverage on a daily basis, it wouldn’t make sense. My print screen of the coverage would be rather out-dated by the time you read this post.

That said, if you need more information on the offers by TIME, I’d suggest you visit their official site. I’ve put a button to their link below.

So, is it time to change?