REDMAGIC introduces its Ultimate Gaming Gears

REDMAGIC this week released “Dive Into Gaming Reality” with REDMAGIC Ultimate Gaming Gears.

The launch of REDMAGIC Ultimate Gaming Gears includes the REDMAGIC Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse, REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad, REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic, REDMAGIC Cooler 4 and REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones.

REDMAGIC Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The REDMAGIC Gaming Mechanical Keyboard comes with TTC Speed Silver V2 Switches which is jointly developed by REDMAGIC and TTC. This feature optimised trigger characteristics and anti-mistouch control Speed Silver Switch V2 boasts improved resistance and durability.

The REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control Screen on the other hand is an integrated 1.47-inch display screen that provides real-time parameter displays and customizable wallpapers. It is a tool that allows gamers to adjust the keyboard parameters, buttons, lighting and the Mora wallpaper in real time.

With the knob, gamers can adjust system parameters and complete quick operations, such as controlling keyboard lighting.

The screen can also be used to monitor PC performance and adjust system functions. This feature makes this mechanical gaming keyboard a valuable addition for gamers, allowing them to interact in an efficient and convenient manner.

The gasket structure mechanical keyboard delivers a pulsating sound like no other. Also, its multiple sound-absorbing designs eliminate percussion resonance, allowing the keyboard to present an excellent soft touch and the most refined sound experience.

The keyboard also features a hot-swappable base, offering unlimited customization possibilities. Gamers can easily swap out a single or 5-pin switch, and the keyboard is compatible with most controllers. This allows gamers to customise their keyboards with abundant playability, ensuring a personalised experience that meets their needs and preferences.

The gasket structure design and hot-swappable base are essential for gamers who demand the highest level of customization and performance from their keyboards. With the REDMAGIC, gamers can experience the purest sound and ultimate customization possibilities.

With Tri-mode connectivity providing a variety of connectivity options including wired, bluetooth and 2.4G wireless modes. It also includes a ultra-large battery of 4000 mAh enabling gamers to use it on any device in any situation.

This customised Tri-mode chip provides a latency as low as 1ms, reducing power consumption by up to 40% ensuring that gamers can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without worrying about interruptions or delays. The low latency and high stability wireless tethering ensure that gamers can achieve the ultimate gaming performance aiming to meet the specific needs of gamers in mind.

16.8 million colours customizable RGB backlight with to choose from to match each gamer’s gaming mood. These backlights can also be turned off entirely if the gamer prefers a more subtle environment.

This mechanical keyboard is priced at RM999.

REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse

The REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse blends the advanced capabilities of the PixArt PAW3395 Sensor and GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch.

The PixArt PAW3395 Sensor offers fast response and low latency gaming experience. It allows the DPI range of 50 to 26000 for precision and accuracy in movement and maximum movement speed of 650 IPS for lightning-fast response times.

The mouse also offers 80 million times service life for long-lasting durability. The left and right buttons utilise Kailh Black Mamba micro switches that are very comfortable to press and offer a strong rebound for a satisfying gaming experience, and a lifespan of 80 million clicks. It also provides millisecond-level precise triggers for lightning-fast responsiveness.

The wireless mouse also utilises the original Nordic chip which provides minimised delays, reduced power consumption, and greater stability. Whether gamers prefer wireless, wired or Bluetooth connectivity, the first generation of our gaming mouse provides seamless gameplay with no lag, a power consumption reduced by 40% for a smooth and stable connectivity no matter what device gamers are using.

Aside from that, the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse only weights 75g and can provide up to 100 hours of use on a single charge with its built-in 450mAh Lithium Battery.

Also one with the mouse is the rich macro programming function which allows gamers to adjust the operation settings freely and easier.

This gaming mouse retails at RM499.

REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad

The REDMAGIC Ultimate Gaming Gears also includes a REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad which the company claims to feature REDMAGIC’s iconic REDMAGIC transparent design.

The gamepad offers keys that are arranged in an orderly manner, and have a tech inspired matte texture.

The trigger pressure is also more linear, smoother, so subtle changes can be felt in the fingertips.

Aside from that, the REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad is also quite flexible, able to stretch with 110-179mm heights which cover the heights with most of the phones in the market.

This gamepad cost RM499.

REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic

This is REDMAGIC 4th Generation semiconductor cooling technology, Al intelligent algorithm scheduling cooling power. Effectively block the heat back, cooling efficiency increased by 20%, frequency regulation, more durable heat dissipation.

The shape is designed to fully consider the grip scene, it weighs only 71g.

The REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic had also been upgraded to the 4th generation of semiconductor inverter cooling technology, full-blooded 20W high power, customised high-power TEC cooling semiconductor, up to 30 °C cooling, as low as -3 °C.

The Cooler 4 magnetic is sold at RM169.


Like the REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic, the  REDMAGIC Cooler 4 also uses the 4th Generation semiconductor cooling technology, Al intelligent algorithm scheduling cooling power.

However, this cooler uses a full-blooded 15W high-powered net custom high-powered TEC cooling chip, which is a breakthrough in cooling performance to improve the temperature plunge 26 °C, instant freezing experience, frame rate pull and full instant freezing.

The cooler has a 33dB low noise operation, which is low. The Cooler 4 retails at RM109.

REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones

Also in the REDMAGIC Ultimate Gaming Gears is the REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones which comes with a larger 14.2mm sound driver that is paired with a dedicated composite diaphragm to heighten the sense of space, sound, and layered details.

Together, it enhances background details like gunshots for a distinguished sense of the battlefield.

The earphones design is ergonomic, lightweight and compact with a futuristic and metallic space grey colour, paired with elegant laser engraving. The earphones are priced at RM99.

Price and availability

All the items above are now available at REDMAGIC’s official store.

Those who purchase them on the 15th May however stand to save up to 25 per cent from the official retail prices.