OPPO launch Find N2

OPPO on 15 December,  announced the launch of its second-generation foldable smartphone, the OPPO Find N2.

The cutting-edge Find N series sees another addition that pushes the boundaries of smartphone innovation in weight, aspect ratio, hinge technology and crease visibility.

Widely believed to have had the least visible crease on launch, last year’s Find N has since been improved upon, with the Find N2 seeing a 67% narrower crease along the main screen.

This will ensure users are able to enjoy an uninterrupted visual experience doing what they love on a larger screen.

This is made possible thanks to the improved hinge design, where OPPO’s engineers miniaturised the Flexion Hinge for Find N2, while strengthening it to create a smaller, thinner, yet more robust mechanism.

OPPO has also pioneered foldable engineering techniques to reduce the number of parts required to just 100 – 38 less than its predecessor.

Despite including premium materials such as carbon fibre and high-strength alloy, the Find N2 weighs 42g lesser than the original Find N without compromising on quality.

The Find N2 delivers a premium experience both open and closed, using one or two hands.

When closed, the device takes on aspect ratio of 17.7:9, allowing for a comfortable typing experience among other quick daily tasks such as messaging, calling, and catching up on emails.

OPPO Find N2 Price and availability

So far, there’s no date for a Malaysian release, but in China, the smartphonestarts at RMB5,999 (about RM3,799).

This variant is the most basic with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Currently, the smartphone is brought in through third party sellers which you can find below.