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NOW OS 2.0 arrives on Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing started the rollout of the improved NOW OS 2.0 to Phone (1) users from 28 August 2023.

The new OS comes with new features, enhanced customization, and improved functionality.

Improved features include more Home screen customisastion, more Nothing widgets and improved Glyph Interface and new app features.

Nothing highlighted the following improvements in the new OS.

  • Upgraded visual identity that feels unmistakably Nothing.
  • Updated launcher grid layout, supporting the option to hide icon labels.
  • More customisation options for folders including different layouts and covers.
  • Updated designs for the following widgets: Clock, Weather, Quick Look
  • New Quick Settings widget, allowing you to access settings even quicker
  • Widgets are now available on the lockscreen and AOD.
  • New Essential Glyph Notifications mean you never miss what matters most. Assign selected apps and contacts as essential so that when you receive a notification, a persistent Glyph will shine while the device is locked. That means you’ll know at a glance if you have any important missed notifications.
  • Glyph Torch. Long press the Torch Quick Settings tile to light up the entire Glyph Interface.
  • Cloned apps allow you to operate multiple accounts in the same app without having to log out.
  • App Locker lets you protect your apps by adding an extra level of security when you go to open them.
  • Updated auto brightness.

The Nothing OS 2.0 has already been available for Phone (2) users since its launch last month.

If the NOW 2.0 doesn’t update on your phone automatically, you can get it by going to Settings > System > System Update.