Logitech POP Mouse review: Perfect for style and use

I recently purchased the Logitech POP Mouse and this is my review.

I bought the mouse because I thought it would be perfect for me to connect with my MacBook especially when I am on the go.

Based on the specifications, as well as the design, it looked like the perfect mouse for someone on-the-move, and being a Logitech mouse meant it must be of quality.

Does the mouse meet my these expectations of mine after I actually got it and used it?

Read on to find out.

Review on Logitech POP Mouse features

This review will detail features of the mouse and what I liked and disliked about it.


The mouse is easily dissembled and the top cover gets removed easily. I reckon that the top cover attaches itself to the main body with four small magnets.

This makes battery replacement easy, but it also allows the mouse to dissemble easily when put inside a bag without any straps holding it together.

Size and colour

Okay. The colour of the mouse is bright and striking. I choose yellow because I felt it was easier to find as I usually put my mouse in the bag. Bags are dark, so bright colours like yellow will stand out. This saves a few seconds of my life, so yellow fits nicely.

The mouse is not too small for my large hands and I would say fits just nicely.


Since the mouse is not too huge and not too big, it’s comfortable.

It’s no where near the comfort of an ergonomic mouse like my Logitech MX Vertical, but it’s alright for something on the go.

Battery life

Logitech claims that the mouse can use one AA battery for 48 hours. That’s a bold claim, and I can’t prove it just yet since I just got the mouse a week ago.

However, if it’s true, this is the only mouse I know that can retain a AA battery power for that long.

Typically, a AA or AAA battery would last 12 months at best.  That said, the claim is huge, but will need to be proven.


My MX Vertical mouse had this lovely ability to switch between devices with a click of a button.  This feature is now extended to the Logitech POP Mouse with the mouse able to be connected to three different devices at different times.

All I had to do is connect the mouse to the Bluetooth device, and switching between devices would happen at a tap of a button.

The button is under the mouse.

On top of that, the mouse almost instantly allows itself to be recognized for syncing when it’s turned on and nearby a Bluetooth device. Connecting my MacBook to the mouse took less than five seconds!

Emoticon software

This feature is highlighted by Logitech, but to be honest, there’s no instructions on how it can be used.  That said, I do feel this feature isn’t something that’s necessary, so I didn’t bother looking it up either.

Where to buy

The Logitech POP Mouse is priced from RM99 – RM159.  During sales, the price goes down as low as RM99, but it retails at RM159.

You can find the mouse in stores, but I found out that it’s cheaper online in the stores below.

There’s also some stores selling it below RM50, but I am not sure if it’s genuine.  The links I provided above are the genuine ones.


I think the Logitech POP Mouse is a decent mouse. There’s really nothing much to shout about the mouse except for it’s striking colour and long lasting battery life.

Being a Logitech mouse, I do expect it to last, but time will tell if that’s true.