JBL Clip4 Bluetooth speaker review: Small but powerful

This JBL Clip4 Bluetooth speaker review will focus on four main cores of the speaker which are it’s design, control and connectivity, battery life and sound.

I obtained this speaker as a free gift and just recently gave the speaker a go.

Of course, the main question is if this good looking tiny speaker packs enough punch to enjoy music, and here’s what I have to say.


I personally love the design of the JBL Clip4.

It’s mostly black with a hint of orange and the JBL logo in white is hard to miss.

Looks aside, the design is also practical, having a clip feature (known as fully integrated carabiner) that allows one to just clip it anywhere when it use or storage.

This includes bags, handbags, bed rails and more. Thanks to its small size and design, it looks quite in place on bags to be honest.

It weights only 239g and measures just 8.6 x 13.5 x 4.6cm, which is about the size of an adult human palm. This means it was easy to carry around.

The Bluetooth speaker comes in 12 colours and I got the one which combined black and orange.

Aside from that, the speaker is waterproof and dustproof and is given a rating of IP67.

What I am not sure off is how long the rubber stickers on the speaker would last because they seem like they will likely tear away after a while.

Control and connectivity

The bright orange colours highlight the buttons and controls of the portable speaker.

There’s five buttons on the speaker that are well marked, three on the front and two more on the rear.

Each button does what it should with ease, with the play button also acting as a stop or pause button for music that’s being played.

At the rear side for the speaker, the Bluetooth speaker has two buttons that is used to switch on the speaker and sync your device to the speaker via Bluetooth.

Syncing the JBL Clip4 with any Bluetooth device wasn’t difficult and could be done with ease.

JBL Clip4 Sound

Despite its size, the Clip4 is loud. The sound is clear within my 112 meter square house which was divided into several rooms.

The bass produced by the speaker was also deep enough, typical of JBL sound, and the sounds it produced were in general,  satisfying.

If you just need something to boost your audio presence, the Clip4 does the job right.

Battery life

JBL claims that the Clip4 can last for 10 hours. I tried and it came close to that figure with an average level of volume.

If I pumped the volume higher, the battery life dwindles slightly, which is typical for most speakers.

The speaker can be charged using a USB-C which is in line with most devices these days.

Price and where to buy

In terms of pricing, its slightly on the more expensive side with a retail price of RM309.

This is if you compare a similar sized Bluetooth speaker to the Clip4.

However, do remember that this is a JBL speaker and that the audio it produces is likely to be better on top of its more superior battery life.

If you intend to buy the Clip4, you’d also need to be wary of imitations or knock-offs which are readily available in the market.

That said, get yours only from original and official channels as listed below.

Conclusion of JBL Clip4 Bluetooth speaker review

If you are looking for a speaker that’s waterproof, easy to carry and produces loud audio, the Clip4 is definitely for you.

I believe this speaker is perfect for those who want to bring along their set of speaker during outdoor outings.

It is however not suitable if you intend to just enjoy music at home because the audio it isn’t able to give you that stereo experience.