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Is the HONOR Magic V2 a good smartphone?

The HONOR Magic V2 is HONOR’s second attempt at a foldable smartphone.  While they seem new in the foldable market, the HONR Magic V2 is anything but shabby and is worth every penny.

In fact, this RM6,999 doesn’t exactly feel that expensive if you consider these reasons which make the 7.92-inch unfolded screen smartphone’s benefits.

Why buy HONOR Magic V2

Here’s 10 reasons why I think the HONOR Magic V2 is worth every RM6,999.

#1) 5 years software update

HONOR had a couple of years ago, extended their software update policy to cover 5 years per device. This means, they expect users to keep their current HONOR smartphone for about 5 years before it is considered obselete.

Gone are the days where Apple iPhones were the only phones that could last (or be used for years) with such policy being implemented because a 5 year software update policy meant the HONOR Magic V2 could now remain updated and working for at least 5 years before you feel the need to change to a newer model.

#2) 365-day screen protection waranty

Crack screens are usually a huge issue when you buy a new smartphone, but HONOT had introduced the 365-day scren protection warranty which puts that worry to rest.  With such policy, you need not worry about the HONOR Magic V2’s screen as any cracks within a year would be claimable and replaceable for free.  Such waranty is slowly becoming a trend but unlike HONOR who gives it by default, other brands charge it saperately of say it’s a freebie for special offers.

#3) Bigger screen

Being able to watch videos as well as work with a bigger screen the HONOR Magic V2 offers means that I use my tablet or computer less. This is because for small task, the Magic V2 offers enough space and screen size for me to do basic work which includes typing and replying emails without the need to squint my eyes, or get annoyed with the virtual keyboard which covers half the screen.

On top of that, typing is also much easier as I can mimic how I type on a keyboard (by using both hands) since there’s a bigger keyboard at hand thanks to the bigger screen.  There’s also a lot of multitasking options which allows me to do a lot more at a time.  Video watching is also more satisfactory since there’s a bigger screen to use.

#4) Impressive battery life

The Magic V2 has a long lasting battery, but when all the power is used up, it gets charged very fast, even with my 66W car charger.  I used to charge my smartphone while sleeping, opening my devices to overcharging but this is not the case anymore since charging is fast, with a brief 15 minutes from home to work able to give me enough power to last almost the whole day on the Magic V2.

#5) Tripod friendly

Setting up a tripod to take videos or photos has always been ‘a task’ for me when I want to do recording. I really dislike it because it needs me to take extra effort to take videos or photos.  With the Magic V2, taking videos and photos is now easier as I don’t need to find a tripod to set up my camera (HONOR Magic V2) for photo taking.

#6) Lightweight and thin

Foldables are usually bulky and heavy, but the Magic V2 feels and weighs 231g, just like an ordinary candy-bar style handphone. It does not feel like a foldable smartphone and there are instances I forget it’s a foldable when I take it out for use.

#7) Awesome camera

I was very impressed with th HONOR Magic5 Pro camera that almost every other phone I used to take photos, including iPhone’s, were no match for the Magic5 Pro camera capabilities.  Well, the HONOR Magic V2 camera not only topped the Magic5 Pro’s ability, but also made it even better.  Video taking and photography was really impression that the phone is now my main camera phone.  Additionally, audio when recording is also very clear even without a lavalier microphone.

#8) Smooth gaming

The processor of the HONOR Magic V2 isn’t the latest, spotting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.  However, it is a capable processor which when combined with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage space, works wonders to any mobile games.

#9) Strong stereo speakers

The HONOR Magic V2 speakers are satisfying to listen to. They are loud and have enough punch when it comes to bass as well. When watching movies, the dialogues from the movie appear clear as well, with gaming audio also pretty good and loud to the extend it can annoy anyone who is nearby.

#10) Better for the eye

With 3840Hz PWM Dimming, Dynamic Dimming, and Circadian Night Display, the eye is said to be better care for when using the Magic V2.  These technology means I don’t need to wear specialty glasses as the phone itself already has mechanisms to protect my eye hence enabling me to enjoy whatever movie I’m watching without needing to wear protective glasses.


There’s of course more reasons why the HONOR Magic V2 is worth every RM6,999 of it’s pricetag, but these are my top ten reasons.

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