HONOR Magic5 Pro camera review

Since the HONOR Magic5 Pro camera is quite something, I decided to do a special review about its Falcon Triple Main Camera which consist of a 50MP Main camera, 50MP Ultra Wide and Macro camera, and 50MP Periscope Telephoto Camera.

Before you read on, know that I am not that tech savvy in the camera department, and use a camera as it is, mostly with default settings.

Also, personally, I think photo outcome and how you like a photo differs according to an individual, so a photo or video I say is nice, may not exactly mean you may like it.  This is seen in how I view sunsets taken by Canon cameras to capture better sunsets as opposed to other brands.

That said, here’s my HONOR Magic5 Pro camera review based on how I typically use a smartphone for taking photos.

Making setting work

Before I proceed to show you photos in different scenarios captured with this smartphone, let me get the settings out of the way.

The Magic5 Pro has some settings I had to activate to ensure it’s in full strength when used, so here’s how I did it.

Smart Capture

Smart capture is a function which allows the camera to capture photos based on certain gestures or actions.

It is great for selfies or group photos, or situations where you do not want to miss out on. To turn it on however a requires some minimal work.

I had to go the camera > SETTING > SMART CAPTURE and turn on ‘Capture smiles’ and Auto Capture.

The Capture smiles allow the rear camera to take photos the moment it detects a smile, while the auto capture will help when a moving object is detected.

On the front camera, I could enable Gesture control which allows me to use my palm to activate the shutter.

Motion Sensing Capture

The interesting thing about HONOR’s camera setting is that you now have Motion Sensing Capture.

This sensor recognizes varied scenarios and highlights the best scenario to capture such moment on photo.

To use this function, go to the camera, and tap on the Falcon Capture button.  When activated, it turns orange.

This setting is great for photos where movements are involved more specifically sports.

Images taken with HONOR Magic5 Pro camera

Zoom feature

The optical zoom of the Magic5 Pro enables me to shoot distant objects at will, and it is by far my favourite feature.

Here, I share an image I took from my car, which enabled me to zoom and take a photo of a far away building sign;  ‘Hasil’.

Yes, the 100x zoom of the sign ‘Hasil’ is grainy but this is perhaps because I wasn’t using a tripod and my hand was rather shaky, especially since I took this photo in my car which was vibrating.

Just in case you are wondering, most camera’s excel under good light, so this one is also as good.

Under low light, or at night, where other phone cameras tend to fail, the Magic5 Pro still produces good results with zooms as seen below.


Most cameras can take great photos in daylight condition, and this is reflected well as well with the Magic5 Pro as seen below.

Night shots

I think the Magic5 Pro did exceptionally well with night shooting thanks to its Super Night Capture. Colours and contrast appear on point and taking a photo with night mode is very instant and snappy.

The photos you see below are taken without the use of a tripod, and the results are by any standards, impressive.

Close up/macro

The close up or macro shots produced by the Magic5 Pro is impressive. The speed of the shutter helps in minimizing blur and texture is very much evident as you can see in the photos shared below.


Shooting indoor can be tricky if the camera of a phone is not up to the mark. However, the Magic5 Pro pulled a very impressive show by producing good photos despite being taken indoors with less than good lighting.


When I take photos of food, I take them to make people who see them hungry. I don’t know if I achieve that through the photos below, but I do think I did because the photos turned out really good.

Moving objects

Taking moving objects needs the camera of the Magic5 Pro to be really good. That’s what I think. Most lower end smartphones can’t do justice in this department, but the Magic5 pro did superbly thanks to the AI Motion Sensing Capture and Millisecond Falcon Capture.

As I mentioned above, there’s also HONOR’s Motion Sensing to help capture moving and action photos, but most of the time, I didn’t really need to use it since the photos taken using the normal camera were already very clear.

Selfie shots

Selfies turned out nicely with the skin tone reflected nicely.  It can be taken with (first photo below) or without the bokeh effect as seen below.

Videos taken with HONRO Magic5 Pro camera

Moving video

When on the move the stabilisation of the camera is good and there is little shake when videos are taken.

 Day video

The video below was taken during my trip to Legoland Malaysia. The sun was up, and the weather was fine. Under good light, the performance of the Magic5 Pro was great.  The IP68 rating ensured I didn’t worry when I brought the phone into the pools and even when it started to drizzle a bit.

Indoor video (low light)

The video below was taken during my visit to Aquaria KLCC. I used the the Magic5 Pro without a tripod to capture this vlog and I can say I am quite surprised of how the shots turned out nicely. In my opinion, the video produced the right colours to make the whole scene, particularly within the aquarium tube to be rather stunning.


Overall, I can say that I am very happy and satisfied with what the HONOR Magic5 Pro has to offer.

The images produced are much better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max I currently own, and functions like the Motion Sensing Capture really help when taking moving objects.

Aside from that, enabling settings for these functions are also easy and this translates to easier work for me when I need to capture a moment.

The smartphone is expected to be launched in Malaysia this coming April 6, and my full review has already been released last week.

If you need more information and details on this smartphone, consider visiting any of the links below.