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Introducing the OPPO Air Glass

OPPO officially unveiled the OPPO Air Glass at INNO DAY 2021.

The technology is the latest kind for a wearable which is now going into more advance features.

The aR (assisted Reality) device – which is equipped with OPPO self-developed Spark Micro Projector, cutting-edge Micro LED, and a bespoke diffraction optical waveguide display – supports four different user interactions through touch, voice, head movement, and hand motion, allowing users to have faster and easier access to the information they need.

OPPO Air Glass highlights

The glass is built around a monocle waveguide design and is based on OPPO’s distinctive design philosophy.

It features free-flowing curves, is lightweight at just 30g and has minimalist appearance.

According to OPPO, the design of the main body takes its inspiration from feathers – light, sleek and curved, with a touchbar that resembles an elegant feather shaft.

The design of the monocular waveguide lens, on the other hand, is inspired by the wings of the cicada, breaking away from the conventional confines of rounded or rounded rectangular lenses on glasses.

The lens is secured to a light and slim frame, which houses all the components, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform.

At the heart of OPPO Air Glass display system is OPPO’s self-developed Spark Micro Projector. The projector is powered by a cutting-edge Micro LED, which has a brightness of up to 3 million nits.

OPPO Air Glass adopts a bespoke optical diffraction waveguide, supporting two display modes – 16-level grayscale and 256-level grayscale – and can deliver up to 1400 nits in average brightness, ensuring a vivid and sharp visual display in different lighting conditions.

Additionally, two layers of sapphire glass are used to encase the waveguide on both sides, providing protection with improved transparency.

Air Glass usability

OPPO Air Glass is designed to be as accessible to as many people as possible, including users with refractive errors such as myopia and hypermetropia.

The glasses are available in two different types of frames – a silver half-frame, and a black full-frame that can better accommodate users who require corrective eyewear. Both colors are available in two sizes.

The glass can also be operated using the Smart Glass App on OPPO Watch 2 and any OPPO smartphone installed with ColorOS 11 or above versions. It also supports four intuitive methods of interaction – touch, voice, hand motions, and head movements.

When Air Glass is paired with an OPPO Watch 2, users can also use hand movements to confirm, cancel, and switch application cards. The glass will also recognize head movements.

Last but not least, the glass will also be equipped with applications such as Weather, Calendar, Health, Teleprompter, Translation, and Navigation.

Aside from the weather application, having the rest of the applications on your glasses will definitely be ground-breaking as it will help in a lot of important situations.

OPPO Air Glass price and availability in Malaysia

So far, I do not know when the glasses will be available in Malaysia as they wasn’t any mention about it.  We will have to wait for OPPO Malaysia to confirm the arrival of these advance glasses to know when it’s heading here.

Nonetheless, the glasses will be available in China next year, in the first quarter of the year.

Nonetheless, if when they are available, I expect it to be highly priced due to its specialty and production cost.

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