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HONOR Magic6 Series battery tested in space

HONOR Malaysia has released a second letter to Samsung in Facebook yesterday, teasing the South Korean smartphone brand with the phrase ‘recharge yourself but not too often’, a direct relation to the HONOR Magic6 Series battery.

This precedes the global debut of the HONOR Magic6 Series at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain on February 25.

The HONOR Magic6 Series comes with remarkable advancements with one of its biggest new features being the innovative silicon-carbon battery, similar to the one used in Tesla’s electric vehicles.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro itself boasts a 5600mAh second-generation silicon-carbon battery that not only offers fast charging and extended battery life but is also capable of withstanding low-temperature environments. It currently is the only flagship smartphone from a mainstream brand in the market with a battery capacity exceeding 5,500 mAh.

The second-generation silicon-carbon battery includes a new Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1, designed to optimize charging efficiency and ensure battery resilience, even in extreme weather conditions, including freezing temperatures as low as -20 °C.

HONOR Magic6 Series battery test

To ensure battery safety and durability, HONOR conducted a series of comprehensive tests on the second-generation silicon-carbon battery including sending the Magic6 Pro into space.

This is done to demonstrate its battery’s ability to withstand different climate conditions.

The journey was uploaded in the brand’s YouTube channel with the video titled ‘Discover the Galaxy by Magic’ showsing the device venturing through the atmosphere into space with a fully charged battery.

After three hours of exposure to harsh conditions in extreme cold at high altitude, the HONOR Magic6 Pro returned to earth with an impressive 86% battery remaining.

Aside from test by HONOR, YouTuber PhoneBuff also conducted an extreme battery test on the HONOR Magic6 Pro by keeping the device in a freezer and setting the temperature at -20 °C.

After 13 hours of video playback, the device still showed strong performance, proving the second-generation silicon-carbon battery can handle low temperatures, compared to regular lithium-ion ones.

Notably, the battery holds prestigious certifications, including UKCA, CE, GB Standards, CNAS, and UN38.3, meeting stringent industry standards.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro comes with a remarkable fast-charging capability of 80W, an upgrade from the previous generation’s 66W, providing users swift and efficient charging experiences.

The global launch of the HONOR Magic6 Series and Magic V2 RSR is scheduled on February 25, 2024, at 9PM Malaysia time.

You can watch the launch on HONOR’s official page.