First CMF Phone 1 release date announced

London-based technology company Nothing recently announced that the full unveiling of CMF Phone 1 will be on July 8, 2024.

The unveiling marks the sub-brand’s first smartphone with the brand also releasing two more devices during the date.

According to CMF’s update, both the Watch Pro 2 and Buds Pro 2 would be also unveiled which will make it the first second generation products since the sub-brand launched in September 2023.

Despite the announcement, there is little mention about all three devices in the updates, with anything released in regards to the design and features to be pure speculations.

The CMF Phone 1 phone teaser however does give indication that it will be in CMF colours which are orange, grey, white and black.

Last year however, I managed to test and review the CMF Watch Pro and CMF Buds Pro, with both reviews readable in the links below.