Review: Durability test for the Samsung Galaxy Note8

If you are willing to pay RM3,999 for the Samsung Galaxy Note8, or get it cheaper with Digi Note8 phone plan at RM2,161, then it might as well better be durable because there’s no point paying so much for a phone that would break almost instantly when something bad happens.

Today, I found out that JerryRigEverything decided to put the new Note8 though a durability test which includes the scratch test, the burn test and the bend test.

Out of the three test, I’m not sure about the burn test because it’s very unlikely you’d end up burning the Note8 accidentally, but what the heck. They did it, and the whole video can be seen above (and also below in case you are lazy to scroll up).

Based on the video, the the Galaxy Note8 doesn’t get scratch or break easily, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 used.

The video also shows that the fingerprint scanner could get scratched easily, but it would still function well despite the major damage.

For the burn test, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 suffers permanent damage after ten second exposed to fire but then again, like I said, how often would you accidentally burn your phone?

Anyway, on a personal note, I loved it when he said “compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, this one seems to be more idiot proof”. –